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Is your business ready to navigate BIG change?

Artificial Intelligence
Climate Change

Emerging Technology

Climate Change

Global Economic and Political Uncertainty

Why your team needs to think differently about Strategic Planning

Back in the good old days (pre COVID 19), Strategic Planning involved creating a compelling Vision and Strategic Direction and developing a 5 year plan to achieve it. We took an 'inside out' approach focused on growth and improved performance.

But just when we thought COVID 19 was the biggest change we had to adapt quickly to, along comes Artificial Intelligence...

AI is already impacting your business and if you don't have a clear way to seize the opportunities whilst managing the risks, there's a good chance you'll be left behind. The impact can't be underestimated. AI is infiltrating all industries and sectors which will look significantly different within the next few years. Your customers/clients, suppliers and partners will also have to adapt whilst internally, most roles will at best change whilst others will disappear all together. 

And then there are other seismic challenges like Climate Change, Global Economic and Political Uncertainty which will have ever increasing consequences well into the future. Does your business have a way to navigate these?

The way you do business will change and so must you

What's unique about P2R BIG Change Strategic Planning?

Outside/In Approach

Engaging industry experts, we start by looking at your industry or sector and what's changing globally. Then, we identify the opportunities and risks through multiple perspectives to inform your Strategic Plan.

Strengthens your ability to pivot

Our flexible Strategic Planning process is designed to help you continually evolve your strategies as new change impacts emerge. No more once a year 'set and forget' plans that gather dust on the shelf.

Empowers your team

Rather than fearing what's coming, we support your team to embrace and run confidently towards it. Turning perceived problems into opportunities reduces resistance.

Time and money well spent

This is our commitment to you.

At the start we define what that looks like and how you will KNOW that P2R Strategic Planning is a valuable game-changer.

What can P2R BIG Change Strategic Planning help Boards and Senior Leadership Teams with?

Setting a clear Strategic Direction that embraces the future

Adapting to a world that is rapidly changing, we help you clearly define your vision and develop a compelling narrative to help communicate where you're heading and why. Identifying Strategic Priorities will enable your Board and Executive to stay focused on what matters most.

Wicked problem solving

The problems we're facing now have never been more complex. Coupled with the scale and pace of change, your organisation will bump up against significant ethical, economic, governance and many more challenges. Ignoring them won't make them go away so we help you lean in and tackle the tough stuff.

Simple, end to end Strategic Planning process

Once you've been through one cycle of the process, you will be able to repeat it yourself, enabling you to simply adapt your plan as new changes and impacts emerge. You receive a full set of easily editable templates including a Plan on a Page, Roadmap, Action and Communication plans and Reporting tools.

Adaptable format - online or in person workshops

Is your team geographically dispersed or fully work from home? No problem, P2R Strategic Planning Workshops can be run via Microsoft Teams or face to face. And yes, the process works just as well online.

We can also adapt the strategic planning process to be run over 6 x 2 hour sessions, 1 or 2 days or whatever time frame and format works best for you.

Organisational Change Team Coaching Support

Developing your Strategic Plan is the easy part! Getting your staff to understand and buy-in to it is a whole different challenge. With >25 years organisational change management and executive coaching experience, across >20 industries and sectors, we provide the support you need to get your people on board and set your business up for success.

Need Help to Create a BIG Change Strategic Plan?

Let's design a workshop to meet your specific needs

What P2R Clients Experience


Ability to understand our desired outcomes and then create a program which had a clear journey for the team to achieve the set objectives was superior to other facilitators I have worked with

We recently engaged Caroline on very short notice (less than 2 weeks) to facilitate a coming together of a new Top 25 leadership team as a result of the merger of an external acquisition with an existing internal operating business.

Caroline took our brief and desired outcomes and crafted a thoroughly engaging and rewarding 2 day workshop which was about aligning culture and creating a consistent vision and set of tangible business objectives for a large business unit (greater than 500 people). All the requirements of our brief were achieved without question.

A post workshop survey conducted with the team gave Caroline a 100% score for exceeding expectations as the facilitator.

I found her ability to understand our desired outcomes and then create a program which had a clear journey for the team to achieve the set objectives was superior to other facilitators I have worked with in the past. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline to anyone looking for a facilitator who can ensure your objectives are met and exceeded, who is consistently engaging and who can work the group and their individual characteristics for maximum team and business outcomes.

Anthony Ward , Integration Manager Rail Infrastructure | John Holland

Everyone got so much out of it!

Caroline did a brilliant job with our team and we've got some very worthwhile projects to work on as a result. I heard great feedback from other team members too - everyone got so much out of it.

Karla Lopez , Senior Forensic Psychologist | Victoria Police

Ensured that the planning day achieved real outcomes and a pathway for success

AMS engaged Caroline as a facilitator for a strategic planning day. Our current strategic plan was outdated and unused and we wanted something fresh and motivating. Caroline gave us a structure and template for the day which helped us to synthesise and document ideas for real change. Caroline also provided us with tools and follow up to ensure that the planning day achieved real outcomes and a pathway for success. Caroline's warm and engaging manner also helped to make the process effortless. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline for facilitating strategic planning and happy to answer any queries you may have.

Vicki Doherty , Executive Director | Australasian Menopause Society

A rare combination of broad experience, powerful questions, deep insights, high inter-personal skills, unquestionable work ethic, high integrity and low ego

I have known Caroline for over a decade, initially as a consulting colleague and more recently I’ve engaged her on strategy and high performance team development assignments to support my own clients. I can recommend Caroline without reservation as a consummate professional, thoughtful advisor on change and transformation, brilliant facilitator and accomplished coach. She brings that rare combination of broad experience, powerful questions, deep insights, high inter-personal skills, unquestionable work ethic, high integrity and low ego – it’s all about YOU as the client and getting YOUR results, and on that basis I don’t know of any projects within Caroline’s influence that haven’t worked. So, when it’s about strategy or transformation I choose to work with Caroline whenever I can.

Robert Nankervis , Leadership Advisor, Scaling Up Certified Coach | Robert Nankervis|

Energising, Inspirational - most engaging Board Strategic Planning process

My experience of working with you has been energising and inspirational. The strategic planning process with the Board was the most engaging that I have been involved in thus far. You seemed to be able to keep the ideas flowing, and to adapt the process according to the information exchange as it was happening. You worked with teams through all levels of the organisation to not only focus on our core business, but to do some magical thinking about the future and where it could take us.

Helen Wearne , CEO | South Eastern Palliative Care

Nails what's needed in a second - just 'gets' people and organisations!

Caroline is an incredible consultant who can nail what's needed in a second and plan an amazing intervention just as fast. She just 'gets' people and organisations. An inspiration!

Sarah Beaumont , Managing Director | Pronoia

One of the most positive, determined people I have met

Caroline is one of the most positive, determined people I have met. She has energy and capability and an unfailing optimistic nature that makes her consulting efforts highly effective.

Paul Cooper , Associate Professor Faculty of Medicine | Deakin University

One of the best change management practitioners that I have worked with!

Thank you very much for all of the assistance, drive and change leadership that you have provided to help us achieve the foundation for uplifting our project capability. You have helped create a real momentum and the uplift generally. Your enthusiasm, pragmatic approach and change expertise have been very valuable in helping us on this journey. I would rate you as one of the best change management practitioners that I have worked with!

Adam Bennett , Executive General Manager | nab

Energy, Drive and Patience

Thank you to Caroline for your energy, drive and patience with us. We set an ambitious target of defining our purpose, setting our vision and working out how we could achieve it. After a very full and draining day, I am proud of what we achieved as our foundation and particularly the spirit in which we all got there.

John Porter , Business Solutions Delivery Manager | TRUenergy

Always striving to get the best out of people in a caring and compassionate way.

Caroline initiated changes which made a true difference and took over a team very down on attitude and enthusiasm. Through her coaching, leadership and direction the team was rebuilt into a successful, efficient working unit. She is not afraid to share her point of view and challenge the status quo, whilst always striving to get the best out of people in a caring and compassionate way.

Ann Smith , CEO | South Eastern Private Hospital

P2R Strategic Planning Workshop Success Stories

Workshops, Retreats and Strategic Planning Sessions are costly exercises and my aim is to always ensure the value far exceeds the cost.

Online or in-person, P2R Workshops are game-changing catalysts that achieve positive outcomes and real results, in real time. Here are a number of real case studies to help you see what’s possible for you and your team…

*Note: Names have been changed to respect client confidentiality

How could a professionally facilitated Strategic Planning workshop help your team take a giant step forward?