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The Great Life Redesign Paperback
  • Discover an easier alternative to work life balance
  • Turn your dreams into reality with a simple, actionable and reusable plan that will change your life
  • Change your whole life or just the parts that need help - career change, relationships, finances, health, life balance and more...

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Your Life Redesign Toolkit

Over 50 practical, easy exercises and templates to build your very own Thrival Kit, Life House and Inner Resources. Unlock what matters most and clarify what YOU really want.

Clarity, Fresh Insights and Perspective

About the fast-paced, stressed out, manic life we live today; why Work/Life Balance is a myth and what to create instead. Take the Burnout Blues Quiz to see how you need to change your life.

A Simple Reusable Blueprint

Life is unpredictable and always changing. Here's a repeatable formula you can call on whenever you need to pivot and change your life in the future. Simply 'rinse and repeat'!

The Life Redesigner Mindsett

Replace outdated beliefs and master the empowering mindset you need. Learn from the experiences of 30 life redesigners who successfully changed their lives.


The story that inspired TGLR...

At 33 I was a single mum juggling a stressful corporate career, raising my beautiful 5 year old daughter and adjusting to a whole new reality. Guilt ridden, stressed and exhausted, the future looked bleak. 

A classic A-type, high achiever I was giving 150% to work - drowning in endless meetings, tedious reports and 24/7 emails, just wishing I had more time to push my daughter on a swing at the park and get control of my life!

One dark stormy winter's night, inching along the clogged freeway (late as always to collect my daughter and get her to ballet class), a huge semi-trailer appeared out of nowhere and swerved in front of me!

Heart pounding and hands shaking, I pulled off the road, put my head on the steering wheel and started to cry. As the relentless, torrential rain pounded the car, it felt like a metaphor for my life and I knew it had to change. I just wasn't sure how.

What's more, I noticed how many friends and colleagues seem to really struggle with relentless change but had no idea how to use it to make life better. It seemed like the harder we worked, the tougher life got and we were all powerless to change it.

5 years on, I finally discovered a way to make life's changes simple! Having cracked the code, I jumped off the corporate treadmill, changed all the parts of my life that weren't working and never looked back. Through my business Possibility to Reality, I'm now on a mission to help 'ordinary people achieve extraordinary things'.

From each of my life redesign experiences, I've learnt many lessons, often the hard way! And I don't want it to be hard for you.

I've written The Great Life Redesign to put you in the driver's seat of your life. It will help you push the limits, break the shackles and blow open the opportunity to do what you love and love the life you choose.

You can read more about my journey in the book and by clicking here.

So if you're ready to change your life (or just the bits that aren't working for you, there's no time like NOW to get started…


paperback or .pdf?

Paperback personally inscribed and signed by Caroline just for you!

The Great Life Redesign Paperback

SALE PRICE - $19.95 AUD + p&h (usually $29.95)

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Cameron inspires the hunger for fulfilling careers, great lifestyles, success, happiness and wellbeing.
Hannah Flannery
Management Today

Practical and realistic advice for anyone wanting to make a BIG change in their life. Caroline takes you through her method ensuring you “eat the elephant one bite at a time".

Worth buying for anyone who is unhappy with their life and needs that kick in the pants to change their life.
Cathy Thomas

The Great Life Redesign creates an incredible sense of relief that changing direction is actually possible, no matter what stage of life and financial status prevails. 

I’ll continue to use it to take the emotional and financial steps required to redesign my life.
Nick Lovell

What you'll learn...

The 21st-century dilemma - how we got to where we are

1. Living life on the 21st-century treadmill

2. Your choices: do nothing, fight or break free

3. Why now is the best time to redesign your life

Renovation Rescue - revamp the life you have

4. Have you got the Burnout Blues?

5. Knocking down the walls

6. Simple life repairs

7. Room by room renovations

8. Watertight living

Creating a new life design - the change wheel in motion

9. How to know when it's time to go

10. What to include in your redesigned life

11. Getting from here to there

12. Crunching the numbers - afford it

13. Design disasters - how to avoid them

From design to reality - you're on your way

14. Break free and get going!

15. Riding the redesign rollercoaster

16. How to manage 'Are you SERIOUS?!' and other reactions

17. What's around the corner?

18. Goodbye old life

Living your great life - loving your new reality

19. You've arrived... now what?

20. What you've really achieved

21. Inspiring designs and personal success stories

Redesign wrap-up

More tools for your toolkit...

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The Great Life Redesign Paperback

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SALE PRICE - $19.95 AUD + p&h (usually $29.95)

Paperback personally inscribed and signed by Caroline just for you!

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Although I read a lot of self-help books, I’d yet to encounter one quite like this! This book takes a very realistic, very pragmatic view about how to change your life. Not happy? Then change things. Afraid of the financial side of it – well here, we’ll help you figure it out. It may take time, but this book's there for you every step of the way.

I’d like to redesign a bit of my life right now, and this certainly has given me both the incentive and tools to do so.

Fox Hill