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Designed for experienced senior professionals who are ready to take the next step in their career, this program will provide clarity and direction to guide your professional future.

Whether you’ve been in your current role for a while, are facing the challenges of new responsibilities or changed circumstances, mapping out your career path or need to increase your leadership effectiveness but don’t know how, this program will remove the uncertainty and ‘spinning wheels’.

Likewise, if you’re transitioning to a more senior role and facing the challenges of strategic thinking and leading vs doing, this program will give you the skills and approaches you need to succeed.

Career Reboot is for you if you’ve hit a career plateau. Somehow what once gave you challenge and satisfaction is no longer doing it for you and each day at work feels like a drag.

Together, we identify your passions, transferable skills, strengths and strategies you need to move forward. We address the gaps (that may be holding you back) and create a simple, actionable Career Plan to achieve your goals.

So you’ve received some feedback on a specific leadership skill or behavior that needs some work! Perhaps you’ve been told that you need to be more collaborative or better at influencing your peers. Maybe your written communication or strategic thinking are holding you back.

While you may feel deflated and your confidence may have taken a hit, don’t worry!

The Laser Focus Leadership Program will give you with new ways of thinking and doing to break through and overcome a particular challenge that’s holding you back and limiting your ability to effectively lead.

Designed for senior executives to ensure success in a new senior leadership role. Whether you’ve been promoted within your existing organisation or are starting out with a new one, the first 90 days often pass in blur. You’re flat out getting your head around what’s expected, finding your bearings and working out ‘who’s who in the zoo’.

Yet, the first 90 days are also the most critical and many new starters underestimate the importance of adding value immediately.

There’s rarely a honeymoon period and you will be judged from the moment you are appointed to your new role. Within 15 seconds your colleagues and team will have decided whether you’re up to the job!

This intensive program ensures you have everything you need to achieve success from Day One.

Completed over 12 months, this program offers comprehensive support for senior executives working in challenging environments whose objectives are more complex.

If you have significant responsibility for leading your people through a prolonged period of change, it’s likely to require more advanced skills, expertise, different approaches and leadership capabilities than those you have used successfully so far.

Life at the top can also be lonely. Your stakeholders all need different things from you; problems become more complex and greater demands create higher expectations.

Yet the rewards for success at this level are also great, when you know how to achieve it.

This program provides a safe, supportive environment, tools and exercises to reflect, learn, challenge, plan and implement change to deliver tangible results and achieve greater success and fulfillment.

Bridge the gap between what you’re doing now and the work you were born to do What would you do and how would you live… if only you could?

Imagine having it all figured out, an action plan, clarity and unshakeable confidence to make it happen in 90 days!

Career and Lifestyle Change is for those who want to make a significant career change and are truly committed to making it happen. This structured program will help you Explore what’s important in your life and career; Dream about what’s possible; Discover what you really want and how to achieve it.

You’ll uncover your passions and strengths and knock down the barriers that stand between you and your ideal career.