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    Professional Coaching, Facilitation and Speaking Services


    Take your leadership to a whole new level – BE the leader you were born to be!

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Aspiring Leaders, High Potential Stars, Senior Managers and Seasoned Executives

    You know there’s things you need to work on… you can always do more and better. But let’s be honest – who’s got time for leadership development? You’ve got 1001 responsibilities and so many people are relying on you. With back to back meetings and an overflowing inbox, you barely have time to breath!

    And there’s the problem… you know you need to do things differently to achieve success but you have precious little time to invest in leadership development that won’t work.

    Sound familiar? If so, I get it - I've been there, faced and overcome many of the challenges you are facing.

    Bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, I’ll help you get there fast and achieve measurable, lasting results.

    P2R Executive Coaching Programs are designed for different stages of the leadership journey. Together we’ll tailor your program to meet your needs, achieve your leadership goals and become the leader you were born to be.

    CAroline Cameron Executive Coach Melbourne
    Annie Volkering
    A brilliant coach - knows how to ask the right questions, how firm to be and with the right amount of heart and laughs!

    I wasn't sure I really wanted to work with a coach. But I'm so pleased I chose Caroline to work with. I got more out of my sessions with her than I ever expected. I've now got a tool bag with so many practical and helpful tools on it and with a good knowledge of which ones to use everyday.

    Caroline is a brilliant coach - knows how to ask the right questions, how firm to be and with the right amount of heart and laughs. Brilliant!

    Annie Volkering,  //  Executive Director | Dept Environment, Land, Water & Planning


    Find your MOJO and make your unique difference doing work you love 

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Mid career professionals who are at a career crossroads and don’t know which path to take

    Most of us progress our careers opportunistically - hopping from job to job to job as opportunities arise. That's fine for the first few career moves but isn't a strategy that works when you have skills, experience and knowledge but just don't know what you really want to do.

    And then there's the research that shows > 60% of people are unhappy with their work - good to know you’re not alone!

    Maybe you don’t get along with your boss, the work itself is no longer fulfilling or you’ve been made redundant. Perhaps you’re not using or developing your skills, talents and knowledge. Or maybe your job has simply reached its ‘use by’ date.

    Given that we spend over a third of our lives working, that’s a lot of hours, weeks and years to NOT be doing something you love that really matters and makes a meaningful difference to something you truly care about.

    But what would you love to do instead, if only you could…?

    If you’re not sure or you are, but don’t know how to make a successful career change, I’ll help you:

    • Clarify your purpose and passions - the difference only you can make to have a positive impact on something you deeply care about
    • Discover what you already have (including your hidden strengths) and what you’re going to need
    • Explore all the options and make decisive decisions 
    • Create a Career Action Plan and Support Team to keep you on track 
    • Ensure your career change is a great success
    Caroline Cameron Career Coach Melbourne
    Nicole Thomas
    Found new motivation, clear purpose and direction, and increased productivity and relaxation

    I was a coaching client of Caroline's and used the tools and strategies she provided to find new motivation, clear purpose and direction, and increased productivity and relaxation. Coaching with Caroline delivered all that was promised...and more.

    She provided a program to suit my needs and through the process supported me to make important changes to my belief patterns, daily structure, time management systems, decision making and an overall "game plan" for life - both professionally and personally.

    The strategies have not only helped to achieve my initial goals, but provided skills to take me forward into the future. This program provides an excellent "ROI" and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to take the next step in creating the life they want to lead

    Nicole Thomas // Director, Aviation Advisor | Uiver Memorial Community Trust


    Find an experienced Workshop Facilitator achieve your workshop goals

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Strategic Planning, Product, Service or Structure Design, Problem Solving and Team Building

    We’ve all been in workshops that are a complete waste of time, money and our lives! These are the pointless 'talkfests' where:

    • The reason for having a workshop is vague and the wrong people are invited
    • A conflict undercurrent or dominator shuts everyone else down
    • The 'elephant in the room' is awkwardly avoided 
    • No firm decisions are actually made 
    • The workshop ends without a clear, shared and agreed way forward
    Caroline Cameron Workshop Facilitator Melbourne

    Plus, if you’re the leader, it’s a struggle to keep it on track AND participate. It’s like herding cats! You want everyone to participate and collaborate to get the best possible outcome, but that’s easier said than done.

    That’s where you need a facilitator who quickly grasps your organisation and objectives; understands group dynamics and instantly engages your team in constructive, judgement-free discussion.

    If you’re looking for a creative, flexible and highly experienced workshop facilitator to guide you, I can help.

    Vicki Doherty
    Ensured that the planning day achieved real outcomes and a pathway for success

    AMS engaged Caroline as a facilitator for a strategic planning day. Our current strategic plan was outdated and unused and we wanted something fresh and motivating. Caroline gave us a structure and template for the day which helped us to synthesise and document ideas for real change.

    Caroline also provided us with tools and follow up to ensure that the planning day achieved real outcomes and a pathway for success. Caroline's warm and engaging manner also helped to make the process effortless. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline for facilitating strategic planning and happy to answer any queries you may have.

    Vicki Doherty  //  Executive Director | Australasian Menopause Society


    Unlock their potential; lift their performance and make them great!

    RECOMMENDED FORLeaders of teams that are forming, storming and performing but could do better…

    There are so many reasons why teams fail to deliver - changing business goals… poor recruitment choices… people joining and leaving… internal conflict… change resistance… lack of collaboration and the list goes on!

    Leading a team that’s dysfunctional or heading that way is frustrating and costly. Most of your days are spent trying to fix the problems while they burn time, miss deadlines and fall further behind.

    Sadly, nobody wins.

    You know they need help but there’s no quick fix, magic pill, off the shelf solution because your team is unique. Taking them offsite for a time-wasting, tree-hugging bonding session won’t work. Locking them in a room until they figure it out will do more harm than good. And if you're sticking your head in the sand wishing, waiting and hoping for things to resolve themselves, you’re dreaming!

    Something needs to change; you need help and you need it FAST!

    Luckily there is a simple way to take your team from where they are now to where you want, need and know they could be and that’s where I can help.

    Caroline Cameron Team Building Melbourne
    Ensured that the planning day achieved real outcomes and a pathway for success

    We recently engaged Caroline on very short notice (less than 2 weeks) to facilitate a coming together of a new Top 25 leadership team as a result of the merger of an external acquisition with an existing internal operating business.

    Caroline took our brief and desired outcomes and crafted a thoroughly engaging and rewarding 2 day workshop which was about aligning culture and creating a consistent vision and set of tangible business objectives for a large business unit (greater than 500 people). All the requirements of our brief were achieved without question.

    A post workshop survey conducted with the team gave Caroline a 100% score for exceeding expectations as the facilitator.

    I found her ability to understand our desired outcomes and then create a program which had a clear journey for the team to achieve the set objectives was superior to other facilitators I have worked with in the past. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline to anyone looking for a facilitator who can ensure your objectives are met and exceeded, who is consistently engaging and who can work the group and their individual characteristics for maximum team and business outcomes.

    Anthony Ward  //  Integration Manager Rail Infrastructure | John Holland


    Strengthen capability to deliver successful business change – adapt, deliver & thrive

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Organisations and businesses embarking on or struggling with change - Executives, Managers and HR Professionals

    We live in times of unprecedented rapid change and the ongoing ability to adapt, thrive and innovate has never been more critical.

    Yet managing business change is still mostly a thankless, expensive and relentless struggle for you and your people. Most organisational change initiatives start out with great intentions and lofty ambitions but very few succeed! There’s no shortage of war stories about failed business change projects – missed deadlines, blown budgets, unrealised benefits and so many people left bruised and scarred by the experience.

    Change management methodologies come and go and the latest ones are often rehashed and rebranded versions of old flawed approaches that have had their day.

    I’ve been on the receiving end of many poorly implemented change projects – IT system changes, restructures, relocations, mergers and divestments and, with 20 years change management experience, believe me, I’ve seen them all!

    So… what if I told you that successful change management doesn’t need to be that hard?

    What if there was a pragmatic, real and measurable way to implement change that:

    • Actually delivers your desired outcomes, motivates and empowers your people to make the change happen
    • Strengthens your culture to become more agile, resilient and adaptable
    • Provides your leaders with the specialised change leadership skills they need
    • Builds enduring and sustainable internal change management capability to ensure ongoing success
    • Engages, motivates and empowers your people to make the change happen
    Caroline Cameron Workshop Facilitator Melbourne
    Adam Bennett

    One of the best change management practitioners that I have worked with!

    We recently engaged Caroline on very short notice (less than 2 weeks) to facilitate a coming together Thank you very much for all of the assistance, drive and change leadership that you have provided to help us achieve the foundation for uplifting our project capability. You have helped create a real momentum and the uplift generally. Your enthusiasm, pragmatic approach and change expertise have been very valuable in helping us on this journey. I would rate you as one of the best change management practitioners that I have worked with!

    Adam Bennett,  // Executive General Manager | NAB


    Make YOUR event memorable for all the right reasons!

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Conference / event organisers who need an experienced speaker or host for their event

    Have you ever been to one of those events where the keynote speaker doesn’t connect with the audience? Arriving 5 minutes before they’re due to go on, there’s no time to to brief them. Reading their boring slides, they deliver a generic, often irrelevant talk; go way over time and then race out the door. Your VIP guests are quiet, flat and underwhelmed. Now the pressure is on YOU to get back on track, get everyone engaged and rescue the situation!

    It’s hardly the vibe you envisaged.

    At best you’re embarrassed and at worst it’s reputation damaging, career limiting and down right stressful. You put so much time and effort into organising the event. The conference speaker was expensive and given their high profile, you’d expected more.

    Now imagine an engaging keynote speaker who:

    • Takes time to get to know you, your audience and your objectives before the event
    • Builds instant rapport with your audience, making it safe, fun and highly interactive
    • Creates powerful insights and key messages through highly relevant, memorable stories
    • Plants seeds and segue ways for the upcoming sessions to ensure a seamless flow of topics
    • Recaps what's been covered and ties it all together for a strong close
    • Ensures the feedback you receive proves your event will long be remembered for all the right reasons
    nference Speaker MC Melbourne
    Coran Lill

    An expert coach and motivational speaker who knows her stuff!

    As well as being great to work with, Caroline is an expert coach and motivational speaker who knows her stuff! We engaged Caroline as the life coach for a Financial Health Retreat - to help our guests see their personal finances in a bigger life picture. The event was informal and Caroline was a critical part of creating a relaxed and engaging event.

    Our guests were mainly media representatives, which suited Caroline's ability to communicate in detail while keeping an eye on the big picture - all the time being genuine and personable. She has a great ability to connect easily with people and her group sessions are highly interactive - there are no passengers in Caroline's sessions! She also provided some incredibly practical tools.

    I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who wants their event to create a positive impact, long after it is over

    Coran Lill // Group Executive, Communications & Marketing | IRESS

    Which P2R Service Do I Need?

    I'm starting a new Executive role and want to succeed from Day 1! How do I fast-track my success?

    As a Business Woman I struggle to balance my work and home priorities. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. How do I manage and enjoy it all?

    I'm transitioning from middle management to an executive level role. I know leadership at this level is different. How do I make the leap?

    My team is struggling and spinning wheels - they just don't seem to be working well together and I need to get them back on track

    We have to develop a Strategic Plan and need an experienced facilitator

    I've received feedback that I need to improve aspects of my leadership

    I've achieved success in my career so far but an not sure what I want to do next of how to go after it.

    I know my business is capable of so much more but there are a number of problems currently holding us back.  Where do I start?

    We're starting an exciting new project but my team is new and haven't worked together before. How do I set them up for success?

    I'm a senior executive who has been given responsibility for a significant reform program and know I need help

    We need an expert facilitator to conduct a series of Stakeholder Focus Groups

    I want to make a major career and lifestyle change but am scared it will fail.

    Recommended Online Programs & Products

    Quick access support for anyone wanting to change their career and/or their life

    The following solutions provide new insights, questions, strategies, tools and actions in different formats – books, audio and video programs. You can download, access and use them wherever and whenever you need them.


    The Great Life Redesign Paperback
    The Great Life Redesign eBook

    Change How You Work. Live How You Dream And Make It Happen TODAY!


    What’s Inside:

    1. 1
      New Insights Into The Fast-Paced, Manic Life We Live Today And Why Work/Life Balance Is A Myth!
    2. 2
      Replace Outdated Beliefs With The Ones You Need To Create The Life You Want
    3. 3
      Convert Your Dreams Into Reality By Creating A ‘Blue Print’ For Your New Life
    4. 4
      Make Your Great Life Stick Using A Thrival Kit, Life House And Inner Resources
    5. 5
      Improve All Areas Of Your Life Including Career, Relationships, Finances, Health,  Leisure And More…

    Paperback: $29.95 +

    Postage AUD     

    PDF: $19.95 AUD


    Career Reset

    Recover From Career Setbacks. Regain Your Confidence And Find A New Job


    Discover How To:

    1. 1
      Adopt The Right Mindset That Instantly Puts You Back In Control!
    2. 2
      Brand YOU And Use Social Media To Get Noticed!
    3. 3
      Find A Great Job In The Hidden Job Market
    4. 4
      Unlock Your Transferable Skills And Valuable Strengths To Get Shortlisted!
    5. 5
      Master The Job Interview To Get Hired For Top Pay!
    6. 6
      Create Your Road Map To Success


    Discover YOUR Best Transferable Skills & Valuable Strengths

    6 X MP4 Video Files + PDF Resources 

    $47 AUD


    Dream It! Design It! Do It!

    Step-By-Step Guide To A Successful Seachange Or Treechange


    Discover How To:

    1. 1
      Identify Your Starting Point – Stocktake What’s Great And What’s Missing
    2. 2
      Work Out What Matters Most To YOU
    3. 3
      Identify, Research, Explore And Narrow Down All Your Options And Decide Easily
    4. 4
      Create A Do-Able Sea Change Action Plan
    5. 5
      Afford Your New Lifestyle
    6. 6
      Enlist A Strong Support Team; Track Your Progress And Stay Motivated
    7. 7
      Resolve Roadblocks That Threaten To Derail Your Dream
    8. 8
      Help Children, Family And Friends Adapt - Make The Move And Settle In Easily

    3 X MP3 Audio Files + Workbook: $47

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