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No more 'nice to know... but nothing changes' talks!

How many times have you attended an event where you listened to speakers who shared interesting content in an entertaining way, but you never acted on what you learnt?

There are many great speakers out there who energise and entertain but very few deliver a talk that motivates the audience to actually make the changes they need, to get the results they want.

Award winning master coach, author and keynote speaker Caroline Cameron, inspires your audience to harness the power of change to succeed at business, work and life

A highly relatable story-teller and masterful thought provoker, Caroline's unique approach shatters the common myths that keep us stuck and shares simple, highly effective ways to bridge the 'knowing-doing' gap.

Your audience won't be sitting there passively listening whilst secretly wondering how long it is until the tea break! Rather, they will dive into immersive experiences which inspire them to take what's possible and make it real.

Caroline Cameron Keynote Speaker Melbourne

About Caroline Cameron

Caroline Cameron is an executive, career and lifestyle coach, author, experienced Keynote Speaker and Conference MC from Melbourne who reveals the secrets to making change easy in business, work and life.

With 10 different careers in front line to executive roles across the corporate and private business, government and non-profit sectors behind her, she’s a business speaker who has walked in your shoes.

Juggling life in the corporate fast lane with single parenthood, a hefty mortgage and constant stress, she became increasingly tired of the endless struggle. When it finally became intolerable, she knew she had to change and set off on a quest to discover how to make change easy.

She ‘cracked the code’ and 14 years on runs a successful professional coaching business that takes her all over the world showing busy professional people how to achieve success in business, work and life… without the struggle. You can read her personal story in her book, The Great Life Redesign – change how you work, live how you dream and make it happen TODAY!

Caroline's experiences are uncannily familiar and her anecdotes will have you laughing and crying! Talking on topics including change, leadership, business, careers and life, Caroline shatters common myths and challenges your audience to think differently.

Her signature talk, Resistance is Futile – adapting to change the easy way, sheds light on why we struggle with change and shares simple ways to make change easy and successful.

Offering deep insights into the lives we live and why we do what we do, Caroline shares powerful strategies your audience can use straight away. Caroline is on a mission to:

"Help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things ...
to test the limits; break the shackles and  blow open the opportunities that
create amazing success!"

Caroline's Keynotes are a great way to

kick off or wrap up







Audience Feedback

What makes Caroline’s talks different is how they stay with you long after the event is over! What I gained has been incredibly valuable, from the moment I walked out of our sales conference.

Caroline, we had a great time with you on Monday. You really set the scene positively and empowered the team. The experience you gave us struck many chords - we took away great new ways to think about and do ‘stuff’.

Very much enjoyed this PD - your talk really hit home! I now have lots of positive ideas and feel a lot more confident to deal with anything I’m thrown. Thank you :-).

Keynotes Designed for YOUR Audience

Caroline doesn’t just come in and deliver a ‘canned’ keynote talk! She takes time to understand your event, your audience needs and expectations.

We are all impacted by change and Caroline shares simple ways to make change your ally (vs your enemy!) that your attendees can put into action straight away. Sharing surprising insights, relevant and engaging stories, she takes your audience on a journey.

Each of Caroline's talks (listed below), is tailored to the theme of your event and those who are attending. Relatable, inspiring and motivating, Caroline gets to the crux of what matters most.

Experienced Conference MC

Running your conference to schedule, adapting to unforeseen events (eg a speaker who's late or doesn’t show) and putting presenters at ease are all taken care of when Caroline is your Conference MC.

She tactfully and effectively runs sessions to schedule, maintaining energy, interest and attention.

Moderating Q&A sessions, facilitating panel discussions and break-out sessions, Caroline ensures maximum audience interaction and participation. With Caroline's multi-industry experience, your event will be in safe hands.

*  Keynote Speaker   

* Business Speaker

Conference MC

Whether she’s opening, closing or compering your event, she expertly weaves in your conference theme and topics.

Coaching across many industries, the public and non-profit sectors, she’s quick to grasp the specialised world and language of your audience.

She connects easily with small groups and large audiences – creating many ‘light bulb’ moments and vital take-aways.

nference Speaker MC Melbourne
Caroline Cameron Keynote Speaker Melbourne
Caroline Cameron Keynote Speaker Melbourne
Client Testimonial

Inspiring for all of us... we all agreed it had been an amazing experience....

I was interested to meet Caroline at a group retreat and to watch her in action. I was extremely impressed with how she made the session so productive for everyone, and how she put into practice the fundamentals of her craft so clearly, concisely and meaningfully.

I don’t think there was anyone in the room who remained untouched and unchanged by that experience. She made everyone think about their lives, their reality and their goals, and helped us all realise how simply we could put changes incrementally in place to effect a transition from what is, to what we’d like to be.   The process proved inspiring for all of us, and we all agreed it had been an amazing experience.

I’ve had sessions since with other coaches and often been terribly disappointed. They can become so caught up in their own experiences, jargon, sources and meaningless acronyms that the time spent with them feels utterly wasted.  With Caroline, on the other hand, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to speak at or compere your event.

I feel very fortunate to have had the benefit of her time, experience, empathy and wisdom.

Sue Williams - journalist, author, university lecturer

Caroline's Keynotes to Inspire Your Audience!

Although Melbourne-based, Caroline speaks across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the Pacific Region. She will tailor any of the following talks to meet your event and audience's needs.

Or, if you have a specific topic you’d like her to talk on, let’s see what she can deliver for you!

Resistance is Futile – adapting to change the easy way

Resistance is Futile - Caroline Cameron Keynote Speaker

Change is hard and the road is littered with change failure war stories!

Although it’s inevitable, we’re far more likely to struggle with change than embrace it. Why is that?

Caroline takes us behind the scenes to understand what’s really going on when news of change hits the grapevine.

  • Discover the 3 most common reasons why people resist change, even when it ‘makes sense’ and is logical.
  • See how to recognise the often-hidden symptoms of change resistance.
  • Discover the surprising alternative to resistance!
  • Learn simple ways to manage the impact of change and lead others through it – strengthened (not bruised!) and ready to embrace whatever lies ahead.

Everything’s a Priority… but what about YOU?

Everything's a Priority - Caroline Cameron Keynote Speaker

Caroline shatters the Work-Life Balance Myth with surprisingly simple ways to thrive in today’s fast paced world.

  • Understand the 'Priority Problem' and how what we do keeps us stuck on the treadmill
  • Discover how to put yourself FIRST, without guilt, worry and angst
  • Free yourself from the tyranny of BUSY
  • Learn how to recharge and conserve your emotional energy
  • Gain sustainable well-being strategies to take you from barely surviving to thriving

Unleash Your Team! 

Simple, proven ways to build and sustain high performing teams

Unleash Your Team's Potential - Caroline Cameron Keynote Speaker

The key to success lies in converting a group of individual experts into a high performing team.

But that's easier said than done...right? For many leaders, it's kind of like herding cats! Caroline shares simple yet highly effective ways to take your team to greater levels of success:

  • Identify what 'high performance' means for YOUR team
  • Overcome the 5 biggest challenges most teams face
  • Build Team Essentials: Unity, Collaboration, Accountability + Commitment
  • Discover how to unlock your team’s Hidden Potential
  • Learn how to coach your team to Higher Performance

Make YOUR Unique Difference Matter

Every Single Day

Discover YOUR Purpose - Caroline Cameron Keynote Speaker

Purpose and passion are the cornerstones of living a fulfilled life and having a meaningful impact. But without them, it's hard to stand out from the crowd.

But many of us struggle to know what our passions and purpose are. Instead we spend years in jobs that don't fulfill us, playing it safe whilst becoming increasingly dissatisfied. If you keep going down this dead-end path, by the end of your life you will have far more regrets for what you didn't do than what you did.

In this life-changing talk Caroline shares how to:

  • Discover your purpose
  • Unlock your hidden strengths and passions (be ready to be surprised - they are usually staring you in the face!)
  • Develop a purposeful mindset
  • Make a unique difference and big impact and
  • Create a lasting legacy you'll be proud of

Enriching... worked perfectly... a real hit!

We were all enriched by your presentation and it was a real hit. It worked perfectly with the day and was absolutely focused on our people.

Lisa Griffiths // Chief Executive Officer, OzChild

Client Testimonial