Make Your Career Change / Job Change NOW!

Wait! What...?! You've got to be kidding!

I know, you're probably thinking I'm crazy. But if you read on, you'll see why making a career change or finding a new job NOW could be the best decision you make this year.

While the world adapts to the realities of COVID-19, we are all trying to find our way through chaos, uncertainty and anxiety.

Thousands of people who were in safe jobs are now unemployed. The economy is haemorrhaging and businesses large and small are scrambling to cut costs. Everyone has been impacted one way or another and it will take time to create stability.

Yet, I've been surprised by how quickly many of my career change clients have successfully secured new roles over the last few months.

So, before we all 'bunker down' and cling on to the jobs we have (even if we aren't happy), maybe it's time to think a little differently...

5 Mindset Shifts to Get a New Job

The following perspectives show that there is always more than one way to look at and challenge the meaning we're putting on what's happening in the job market.

Problem Thinking #1: There aren't any jobs out there

This sweeping generalisation is a lazy excuse to stay stuck and besides, it simply isn't true! If you scroll through the various job sites, employers are still posting new roles every day.

Opportunity Mindset #1: I only need ONE job

While you may have to apply for a number of roles to secure an interview and then a job, remember that you only actually need one (or two if you're applying for freelance or part-time) job.

Problem Thinking #2: There's too much competition

Yes, there are often many candidates applying for the same role but that's nothing new. There are also many competitors who aren't applying, believing it's safer to stay where they are for now.

As applicant competition is something you have no control over, it's simply not worth spending your precious energy, time and headspace on.

Opportunity Mindset #2: My skills and experience are unique

There is only ONE you! No one else can match your combination of skills (technical and inter-personal), experience or knowledge.

Tailor your resume for every job application, highlighting your relevant achievements and the positive difference you made.

Problem Thinking #3: Employers are cutting staff

Yes, many businesses and organisations are down-sizing to try and weather the storm but others are actually increasing their staff as they pivot to respond to new and emerging needs. Added to which, many employers need new or vacant roles filled 'pronto' and are fast-tracking recruitment.

Opportunity Mindset #3: Employers need new capabilities

As we move to more remote working, now more than ever, employers are looking for people who can demonstrate flexibility, autonomy, creativity/innovation, pro-active problem solving and virtual team leadership. If these are transferable skills you have, now is the time to highlight them.

Problem Thinking #4: I can't change careers or find a new job now

Maybe you feel like you don't have time; it's too stressful or your self-confidence has taken a hit.  But, here's the thing... what will it cost you to stay in a job where you aren't happy or secure?

Opportunity Mindset #4: I can get a new job that's much better

If your needs have changed, there will definately be a new job out there that is a better fit for you. To get started, simply make a list of your Must Haves and Don't Wants so you're clear about what you're looking for.

Problem Thinking #5: I've been laid off - who's going to want me?

Redundancy no longer carries the stigma it once did and many hiring managers have experienced it themselves. That you can (usually) start straight away, is a big plus for employers who need someone in the role NOW.

Opportunity Mindset #5: I've been redirected to make my difference in exciting new ways

Every closed door opens new ones and reframing the meaning you put on being laid off will sustain your all-important self-confidence. Use your between jobs time to upskill; gain relevant experience (eg volunteering) or expand your network and demonstrate that you are pro-active.

At first it may seem counter-intuitive to leave a stable though stressful or unsatisfying job during such uncertain times. Yet times of great change also create the best opportunities.

Still not sure?  Ask yourself:

 "If I'm still doing what I'm doing now in 12 months time, will I be

more or less fulfilled and happy...?"


It costs nothing to explore new opportunities. Keeping an open, curious mind could well uncover the best career move you'll ever make!

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