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Career Change Success Stories and Case Studies

P2R Career Change Case Studies

Many of my career coaching clients started out exactly where you are now.

Having worked hard for success and armed with years of experience, extensive skills and powerful strengths, they were no longer fulfilled, growing or happy in their jobs.

Undertaking a P2R Career Coaching Program helped them clarify what they really wanted; challenge limiting beliefs; uncover opportunities and transition into exciting new roles and careers.  

Here are some of their inspiring stories to help you see what’s possible for you…

*Note: Names have been changed to respect client confidentiality

A Compeling Brand Unlocks New Career Path


Jenny's allied health clinical background had led her to set up a risk management consultancy with a business partner.  For the first few years all had gone well and the business had rapidly grown to employ 20 consultants. But with the growth, Jenny found herself increasingly conflicted and frustrated by an emerging toxic culture and covert power struggle.


A series of poor business decisions and ongoing values clashes led Jenny to ‘confront the brutal facts of her reality’ – she realised she could no longer work for the company she had co-founded many years before. She started to doubt her own ability and the ongoing stress was damaging her health and her confidence.


Through the P2R Advanced Career Accelerator Program, she identified her purpose, future career direction and what she needed to be personally and professionally fulfilled.

Clarifying her strengths, transferable skills and desired reputation, Jenny created a conscious and deliberate personal brand to strongly position herself for roles that would align with her leadership style and beliefs.

Her Career Plan included updating her resume and LinkedIn profile, a targeted networking strategy and surrounding herself with mentors who could help her.


  • Within 12 months, Jenny had successfully secured a General Manager’s role with one of Australia’s largest listed companies. While the demands of the role were high, she thrived on the challenge and improved her team’s performance, quickly getting onto the radar of key decision makers as a fast track, high potential leader.
  • Her success was rewarded when she was approached to head up an even bigger division of the company. Her clear personal brand created a positive reputation, helping her progress quickly within a successful company that truly values her.
  • Best of all, developing her brand, helped Jenny clarify what was important to her and consciously develop her own authentic leadership style, aligned with her values. She successfully replaced stress with energy and motivation. In her words, "I've got my Mojo back!"

Actionable Advice:

If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't! Taking action early will prevent the slide into frustration and self doubt. Start by writing down what's important to you and build your brand based on what you want to be known 'for' and 'as'.

Curious to discover YOUR Compelling Brand and what knowing it could lead to?

Too Specialised to Move… Limiting Beliefs Shattered!


Working for a Top 20 ASX company that employs thousands of people across 8 divisions and more than 30 businesses, you’d be forgiven for thinking its employees are spoilt for choice when it comes to career progression.


But when General Manager Ian conducted performance reviews he noticed many of his team were professionally ‘stuck’. Whilst they were highly skilled, the specialised nature of their work and experience created a belief that they couldn’t progress beyond what they were currently doing.

Without specific career goals or a career plan, many believed that the company was responsible for progressing their careers.


Caroline designed and facilitated a 1 day, Professional Development Career Planning Workshop where participants learnt how to overcome common career planning traps.

The group set individual career goals, identified over 30 different options for professional development and learned from others who had built diverse and successful careers within their company.


  • Participants identified their purpose, interests, valuable strengths and discovered they did indeed have a wide range of transferable skills.
  • They created individual Career Plans, mapped out career goals, developed professional pathways and took responsibility for their own career success.

Thank you so much for our Career Planning Workshop today. It gave me important new insights, motivation and valuable tools which I’m ready and now able to put into action!”

Nat - Manager, Insurance Industry

Actionable Advice:

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get there!  

Taking time to identify your purpose (the unique difference only you can make), valuable strengths and transferable skills will help you create an actionable Career Plan that gets you to where you want to go.

Creating your Career Plan is easier than you think!

Making the Leap from Director to CEO


When a departmental restructure resulted in his branch being disbanded, Don ended up in a role that was effectively a demotion. 


Working long hours on a highly political project led to stress and frustration and he could see no way out.

I had previously coached Don as part of an Executive Leadership Development Program and could see that his policy knowledge, leadership and relationship building skills, deep intellect and strategic planning abilities were now under-utilised.


Through a targeted Advanced Career Accelerator Program, Don identified his ideal role (one where he was autonomous, empowered and accountable), personal strengths and professional value proposition.

With a revamped resume and LinkedIn profile he developed a relationship building, networking and recruitment strategy and undertook intensive interview preparation. Best of all, creating a new narrative helped Don regain his battered confidence


  • Within 3 months, Don’s networking strategy paid off and he was approached to apply for a role, heading up a regulatory body for an industry he had worked in previously. Against a strong field exceptional candidates, Don was successful.
  • As a CEO who thrives on ‘getting things done’, he quickly rediscovered his mojo, rolled his sleeves up and today is thriving on reforming the organisation, leading his team and his ‘buck stops with me’ accountability.
  • Actionable Advice:

    Life is too short to be working somewhere that doesn't value or appreciate you!

    If you've lost out during a restructure, are being ignored, excluded and overlooked, these are warning signs that it's time to move. 

    Not sure how to start your New Job Search or feeling too scared to try?

    From Stay Home Mum to Successful Business Owner


    Linda’s professional life BC (before children) had been in retail, communications and marketing. But with 10 years out of the workforce raising her three beautiful children, she was unclear what she could or wanted to do when her youngest started school.


    While she had some ideas, she didn't know where to start or how to figure it out. Her new career also had to be flexible and fit in around school hours whilst also being able to grow as her children grew older.


    Through the P2R Career and Lifestyle Change Program, Linda discovered her purpose, passions, strengths and skills. She explored different options, worked out what she wanted to do and created a plan to fill in the missing gaps in her experience.

    Tapping into her creativity, strengths, skills and potential created unshakeable self-confidence as she gained a range of empowering beliefs and strategies to action her Career Plan.


    • Already running a small online business selling imported children’s art and co-ordinating fund raising events for charities, Linda created a portfolio career that would be meaningful, varied, flexible and balanced.
    • Having decided she wanted to be a Personal Stylist, Linda completed a professional styling course and spent 15 months working alongside an established stylist to learn the ropes while she set up her own business.
    • Building her reputation with repeat clients and referrals, she’s established a highly successful business on her own terms. Creating balance between work, family and life, she collects her children from school, travels and makes her career work for her.
    • Linda loves the freedom of being her own boss and the challenges of adapting her business. She's built a strong brand and social media following 

    Caroline exceeded all my expectations. From our first session I found her to be extremely approachable and attentive. She was dedicated and passionate about me achieving my goals and her knowledge and wisdom was ever present.

    Her positive and enthusiastic manner was contagious and I found myself feeling on top of the moon after every session. 

    She has provided me with clarity and a new focus around my future. She has changed my mindset for the better. I now have the tools to move myself past things blocking my path. I have learnt the benefit of ‘effective questioning’. I can achieve my dream job – it’s just a question of taking action. You can tell she truly loves her job!

    Linda S - Business Owner/Professional Stylist

    Actionable Advice:

    If you crave flexibility, diversity and freedom, a Portfolio Career may be for you! Start by identifying what you love and are passionate about. Match your strengths, skills and experience and build up different elements of your career one step at a time.

    Thinking a Portfolio Career could be perfect for you but don't know where to start?

    From Deeply Unhappy to Coveted United Nations Role


    Highly skilled and experienced program manager Tess was working for a non-profit organisation that was gripped with political infighting and a toxic culture.


    Knowing she had to get out, but not knowing how to find a role that would challenge and fulfill her, Tess was wracked with self-doubt, deeply unhappy and stuck.


    Coaching with Caroline through the Career Reboot Program, Tess became crystal clear that she wanted to have a greater impact through meaningful work in the mental health space.

    Creating an 'Ideas Bank', identifying her unique value and strengths and developing a compelling personal brand story, enabled Tess to actively expand her network and engage advocates who could help her.


    • Tess was asked to apply for a role at the UN to roll out a Global Mental Health Program - her dream job!
    • Targeted interview coaching, enabled her to clearly and confidently interview via Skype.
    • Tess was the successful candidate and is now happily living in New York, delivering the program and making her difference to millions of people around the world.

    I wake up each day, constantly having to pinch myself that this is real! I could never in my wildest dreams imagine I'd be doing something that is so important, that will help so many. Every day I am so grateful to you for helping me re-boot my career.

    Tess F -  Global Mental Program Manager, United Nations

    Actionable Advice:

    It's easy to think that 'dream jobs' are only possible for other people! But why NOT you?

    Start by identifying your dream organisations - places you'd love to work for. Research them thoroughly to identify what skills and experience they need and look for. Use your network and LinkedIn to create connections and build relationships and identify ways you can add direct value to build your profile with those who need to know who you are and what you do.

    Know where you'd LOVE to work but don't know how to land a role there?

    Burnout Recovery Relaunches Career


    As someone who couldn't say 'No' and a classic 'high achiever', Mai was on the verge of a breakdown when we first met. Passionate about her work in sales, she had unintentionally taken on more and more until she was drowning and didn't know how to break free.


    Passionate about her work in sales, she had unintentionally taken on more and more until she was drowning and didn't know how to break free. This had gone on for years and she felt like a mouse on a treadmill - relentlessly pedaling and unable to hop off.


    Taking long service leave gave her the chance to step back, press pause and breathe...

    Reframing unhelpful beliefs (many she'd carried since childhood), created the space Mai needed to reconnect with her true self and develop healthier stories to better serve, support and nurture herself.

    The Career Reboot Program, gave Mai the space and structure she needed to identify what she was truly passionate about and discover where and how she wanted to use her skills, strengths and knowledge.


    • Within 3 weeks, Mai was sleeping well, exercising regularly and reconnecting with her husband and daughters - which she hadn't been able to do for years.
    • Within 2 months, Mai identified what she needed to be balanced, challenged and fulfilled and how to prioritise her wellbeing, without the guilt.
    • 4 months later, Mai was calling the shots in her new career as a private consultant and earning 60% more than she had in her previous role.  She also had a waiting list of clients, thanks in part to her newfound ability to set and maintain boundaries.

    I can't believe I wasted so many years dreading my work and not seeking help! Caroline was a breath of fresh air who helped me rediscover ME. Equal parts compassionate and challenging, she helps you quickly get to the core of what you really want and then inspires and guides you to go after it.

    Mai C -  Professional Consultant

    Actionable Advice:

    Don't wait until the Burnout alarm bells are going off!  If your work is draining rather than energising you for a prolonged period of time, it's time for a change.

    Wondering how to discover what's out there for you that you'd love rather than dread?


    Very insightful and honest yet pragmatic and resourceful

    I got a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding of my personal strengths and weaknesses from my time with Caroline. I found her to be very insightful and honest yet pragmatic and resourceful with the advice and coaching provided. I take a lot of wisdom and perspective from the time spent. I am a better person for it.

    Ralph Muthaya , Head of Food & Beverage | Melbourne Racing Club

    Believed in me, kept me motivated and stretched me think and act outside of my comfort zone

    The biggest change I gained from coaching has been in my thinking and approach to my role, both from top strategic perspective and day to day responsibilities. My physical and mental energy reserves are higher and I am now lot more confident in dealing with any issues.

    I have developed a strong capability to deal with my unhelpful internal dialogue. I have a better awareness of how I am feeling and what actions to take in dealing with negative or unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

    As my coach, Caroline:

    • Listened
    • Diagnosed and clarified the real underlying issues to uncover the goals I really wanted to achieve
    • Provided the right guidance and tools
    • Believed in me, kept me motivated and stretched me to think and act outside of my comfort zone
    Sunil Patel , CFO | Redcape Hotel Group

    Highly skilled at coaching through a variety of complex scenarios that senior executives encounter

    Caroline is a life-changing executive coach. She has challenged me to think more laterally about my career through in-depth identification of my skill set and potential. She is highly skilled at coaching through a variety of complex scenarios that senior executives encounter. Be prepared to be challenged, step well outside of your comfort zone and to learn not to settle for anything less than what you are truly capable of.

    Michael De Ath , Director General | ACT Health

    Enabled me to confidently apply my own insight and experience to any situation

    I was fortunate to have corporate coaching sessions with Caroline during a period of organisational change. Caroline helped me recognise my progress and enabled me to draw on my own strengths to address my goals. I was always assured that the very valuable "between" session calls (laser coaching) were never an imposition, and was able to use these sessions to clarify my decision-making processes through the most challenging moments. Caroline's innovative approach assisted me to expand my possible choices, to focus my thinking well, and to consider great alternatives. Being able to identify the “opportunities” that uncertainty can provide is a strength I gained. Caroline's expert coaching has enabled me to confidently apply my own insight and experience to any situation. She got to know me well , reflecting back at me an understanding of my situation, aspirations, goals, misgivings and limits….and then took me beyond them through our coaching sessions!

    Barbara Crowe , Executive Director | Dept Education & Training

    Infectious positive outlook and thorough knowledge of human behaviors enabled me to develop the skills I required

    I had the pleasure of working with Caroline to reset my career goals and take stock of my workplace relationships. Caroline’s extensive background and experience across a range of organisations allowed her to expertly guide me through the subtleties of workplace culture and uncover missed opportunities to develop optimal outcomes for a variety of situations.

    Whilst always managing to keep a smile, Caroline was able draw my attention to improvement opportunities and the positive aspects of every situation I encountered. Caroline’s infectious positive outlook and thorough knowledge of human behaviors enabled me to develop the skills I required to consciously flex my style to suit different client’s communication and learning styles.

    Richard Blair , Manager, Emergency Management & Facilities | Campbelltown City Council

    A game changer, lifesaver and the biggest hero and supporter you never knew you had

    Caroline is an incredibly impressive executive coach and a master of change. I've been most fortunate to work with a variety of executive coaches and leadership consultants, but Caroline is by far the most exceptional coach I've come across. She has great energy, a real calmness that diffuses anyone's inner anxiety, and her tools and tips are second to none. I have engaged Caroline as a coach in two different roles, and there is no doubt I wouldn't be where I am today without Caroline. She is a game changer, lifesaver and the biggest hero and supporter you never knew you had. I hope to work with her again in future!

    Michelle Batsas , Executive Director ANZ | International Assoc. of Public Transport

    Astute listener who provides considered and practical advice and guidance

    Caroline is an astute listener who provides considered and practical advice and guidance. I recommend her strongly as an executive and career coach.

    John Dalton , Director, Policy Co-ordination | Dept Jobs, REgions & Precincts

    A high impact player who brings a wealth of experience and applies it through an open mind and ear.

    I engaged Caroline to provide guidance and leadership to our change management team on a large transformation project. Her skill in change management is undeniable and her results speak for themselves. Caroline is a high impact player who brings a wealth of experience and applies it through an open mind and ear. Caroline anticipates issues and takes actions that prevent problems thereby removing much of the pain out of change management.

    Caroline has also provided me career coaching support. Her approach challenged my own self limiting beliefs to open up thoughts and opportunities that I didn’t believe possible. Caroline is a truly inspiring change management professional and executive coach.

    Travis Liersch , Consutant and Business Coach | Travis Liersch Consulting

    The standout benefit to working with Caroline is her ability to see beyond boundaries for her clients

    I engaged Caroline as a coach, at a time I was seeking clarity around engineering a future direction for myself that would allow me to tap into my unique skills and be something I was truly engaged with. Caroline's coaching allowed me to really open up to the possibilities that were available to me, and previously impossible for me to see. Her structured program provided all the tools necessary to get a strategy out of my head and down on paper. The incredible insights and guidance from Caroline allowed me to map out that direction for myself with both clarity and conviction. The standout benefit to working with Caroline is her ability to see beyond boundaries for her clients, and in some cases simply not accept them, holding her clients to account and enabling them to take the first crucial steps towards their future. I would highly recommend Caroline for coaching and life design strategy. Her dedication and depth and range of experience is excellent.

    Chris Picone , Founder | The Stevie Project

    Life at work and home is now "easy"!

    Working with Caroline has been inspirational. Through her persistence and probing questioning, results were achieved in a very short space of time. Re-organising and prioritising the areas which matter has made an enormous difference to my ability to work efficiently and proactively. Life at work and home is now "easy"! The "noise" is now under control. Caroline has made change fun and exciting although the process was challenging. Achievements are acknowledged and there is far more focus in my live. It has now been four months since our final session and the toolkit which we built together is still in place and in action. A fantastic reference tool for business and personal life. For me it has been a great result and I would certainly recommend Caroline to colleagues and friends.

    Jane Newsome , Partner | Roberts & Morrow
    About Caroline

    Caroline Cameron is an award winning, master certified executive, career and business coach, speaker and author. Caroline is on a mission to help mid-career professionals and evolving organisations harness the power of change to achieve success in business, work and life. Read More About Caroline

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