Appreciation-Leadership Gift

The Leadership Gift That Costs Nothing and Keeps on Giving

​Are you a Bah-Humbug Grinch or Generous Santa ​LeaderHowever, you choose to ‘be’, your elves are watching and will remember, long after the festive season has been and gone.If you’re


6 Big Business Change Management Tips from MY Business Change

What I learnt about business change management and change leadership from changing my own business‘Life is a Roller Coaster…you’ve just got to ride it’Truthfully, I’m not a big Ronan Keating


Would You do Your Job For FREE?

How to know for sure that you’re in the ​​right career for YOUHey - I'm curious! Can I ask you a question? ​If ​you didn't need the money, would you

Communication-Lost in Translation

Is Your Communication Getting Lost in Translation?

​How to close the Communication Gap so your message isclear and understoodHave you ever said something that’s been met with either a puzzled expression (confusion) or an angry outburst (total


Goodbye Change Struggle – Let’s Make Change Easy Together!

Somewhere, somehow, a long time ago, someone decided CHANGE IS HARD! And that's why we struggle.  What we tell ourselves is 100% true all the time so the minute you