What Really Happens When You Criticise Your Boss?

​What Really Happens When You Criticise Your Boss?​“We need to talk and it’s going to be uncomfortable” –why criticism is riskySo you’ve noticed your boss behaving irrationally, irresponsibly or just


Help Your People Build Resilience and Thrive on Endless Change

​Endless Change Doesn't Need to Cripple Your PeopleAnother year brings more relentless change, pressure, impossible deadlines and stress.Even when you can see the end in sight for one change, several

Appreciation-Leadership Gift

The Leadership Gift That Costs Nothing and Keeps on Giving

​Are you a Bah-Humbug Grinch or Generous Santa ​LeaderHowever, you choose to ‘be’, your elves are watching and will remember, long after the festive season has been and gone.If you’re


6 Big Business Change Management Tips from MY Business Change

What I learnt about business change management and change leadership from changing my own business‘Life is a Roller Coaster…you’ve just got to ride it’Truthfully, I’m not a big Ronan Keating


Would You do Your Job For FREE?

How to know for sure that you’re in the ​​right career for YOUHey - I'm curious! Can I ask you a question? ​If ​you didn't need the money, would you

Communication-Lost in Translation

Is Your Communication Getting Lost in Translation?

​How to close the Communication Gap so your message isclear and understoodHave you ever said something that’s been met with either a puzzled expression (confusion) or an angry outburst (total


Goodbye Change Struggle – Let’s Make Change Easy Together!

Somewhere, somehow, a long time ago, someone decided CHANGE IS HARD! And that's why we struggle.  What we tell ourselves is 100% true all the time so the minute you