Why Your Best People Are Leaving and How to Stop Them!

Job satisfaction and staff retention – we’ve got them both wrong!Latest research from CEB’s Global Talent Monitor shows that nearly 40% of workers are looking for new jobs. If you haven’t already lost some of your best people, in the coming months, you probably will. With falling satisfaction levels and job search activity on the rise, […]

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Unlock Team Potential and Boost Performance the Mad Max Way

​​​Unlock Team Potential and Boost ​Performance the Mad Max WayWhen Mad Max: Fury Road recently smashed the Australian record winning six technical category Oscars, the press quickly noticed that much of the success came from women.Whilst a fabulous achievement for the sisterhood, there’s more to it than that!In carefully selecting his team, Director George Miller […]

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Be a Strategy Ninja! Quick Tips to Master Strategic Thinking

​Mastering the ​art of strategic thinkingCoaching many emerging and established leaders, strategic thinking is one of the most common areas my clients seek help with. Often this is triggered by feedback – “James needs to be less tactical and operational…  more strategic.” When I ask new clients how they would know they had mastered ‘strategic thinking’, […]

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