Leadership Lockdown Fatigue Fighters

7 New Lockdown Leadership Fatigue Fighters to Boost Your Energy

that don't involve coffee...Last year I had (and still do), enormous empathy for parents juggling home schooling and work; people living with strained relationships and those who had lost their

Top 5 Self Confidence Killers and How to Tame Them

Top 5 Leadership Confidence Crushers and How to Tame Them

Self-confidence is an essential leadership trait. But what happens when it crashes...?Nothing stops leadership effectiveness dead in its tracks faster than self-doubt. In a split second you can go from

Imposter Syndrome - It's NOT What You Think!

3 Surprising Reasons Why Imposter Syndrome is NOT What You Think

It's the curse of even the most experienced ​(and seemingly) confident leaders!Anyone who has ever suffered confidence crushing Imposter Syndrome knows that it’s not something you can ‘think your way

Six Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Leadership Influence that Actually Work

You wouldn't wear high heals to run a marathon...The pressure on leaders has never been greater and the higher up the tree you go, the harder it gets. So many

Workshop Facilitation Success Storeis

Workshop Facilitation Success Stories and Case Studies

Workshops, Retreats and Strategic Planning Sessions are costly exercises and my aim is to always ensure the value far exceeds the cost.P2R Workshops are game-changing catalysts that achieve positive outcomes

Leadership Success Stories

Executive Coaching Success Stories and Case Studies

The demands and expectations of leaders have never been higher and show no signs of letting up anytime soon. Yet the rewards and return of leadership success are also high,

Team Building Success Stories

Team Building Success Stories and Case Studies

All teams go through different stages of evolution, often with little or no awareness of which stage they are in.Understanding changing team dynamics and strengthening foundations, I meet your team

How These Simple Lockdown Lessons Broke My Funk

How These Simple Lockdown Lessons Broke My Funk

Lockdown is challenging us all in different ways...Two weeks in and with at least a month to go, I’ve found myself struggling with our Stage 4 Lockdown restrictions.The daily COVID-19

P2R Career Change Case Studies

Career Change Success Stories and Case Studies

Many of my career coaching clients started out exactly where you are now. Having worked hard for success and armed with years of experience, extensive skills and powerful strengths, they

P2R Business Change Case Studies

Business Change Management Success Stories and Case Studies

Business Transformation, Reform, Organisational Change - whatever you call it, once announced it will likely create fear and uncertainty. We're hard-wired for stability and while disrupting the status quo is

Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Get a New Job Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Get a New Job

Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Get a New Job

Make Your Career Change / Job Change NOW!Wait! What...?! You've got to be kidding!I know, you're probably thinking I'm crazy. But if you read on, you'll see why making a

Top 10 Self Leadership tips to make your difference count

How to Unlock Your Unique Difference and Make it Count!

With the escalating impacts of COVID-19, death of George Floyd, climate change and economic doom and gloom, it's easy to feel powerless. Injustice, political inaction and fear are motivating forces