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How to Reduce Workplace Stress and Strengthen Social Connection

Why ​social connection ​​​at work matters and how to strengthen it Back in the ‘good old days’ there was regular time to down tools for birthday morning teas, bakeoffs, team lunches, theme days and Friday drinks. These were the benign enablers of organisational culture and trusted relationships. Yet, Opportunities to connect socially at work have all […]

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How to Get More Value From Your Executive Coaching

12 smart ways achieve more and maximise Executive Coaching ROIExecutive Coaching is increasingly recognised as one of the most effective ways to develop your leadership capability and successfully achieve your goals. But it also requires significant time, money and effort. You and your organisation want to ensure the best possible return on all three. If you get […]

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How to Choose the Best Executive Coach for YOU

What to do when you don’t know which executive coach to chooseCongratulations!You’ve received approval to engage an Executive Coach. Your manager is supportive and now you’re keen to get started. But here’s the problem… which coach do you choose?Your manager may have recommended it for your leadership development. Maybe your HR advisor has given you a […]

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Why Most Workshops Fail and How to Make Yours Succeed

When you hear, “We’re having a workshop and you need to organize it,” do you fist pump with excitement or groan with despair?Workshops, Retreats and Planning Sessions can be a highly effective way to bring people together to:Create a new vision and plan an exciting future strategic directionSolve complex problemsMake important decisionsDesign a new structure […]

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Why NOW is the Time to STOP Acting and START Leading

An urgent plea to all temporary managers in an acting role!Coaching many smart managers across government, corporate and nonprofit sectors, I’m noticing a rising and worrying trend that’s hindering performance and results. Increasing secondments, lengthy acting roles and short term contracts are eroding #leadership confidence. Click to Tweet More than ever before, ‘temporary’ leaders are […]

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