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Why work with ME?

The 'Sherpa you need to climb your Everest'

CAroline Cameron Executive Coach Melbourne

A few years ago I was facilitating a Strategic Planning Workshop for CEO Tony, one of my Executive Coaching Clients. As I joined the coffee queue at morning tea, Tony was standing in front of me, chatting to Mark, when Mark asked him, "So, if Caroline's your Executive Coach, how does she help you?"

Tony thought for a moment and then replied, "She's the Sherpa you need to climb your Everest. She won't climb it for you but she travels alongside you -  showing you the short cuts, carrying your pack when you get tired and supporting you every step of the way - until you reach the summit." Now that sounded like a great way to describe what I do!

 If you're tired of the struggle and ready to find an easier way, I'll help you break through the challenges to successfully break through and reach the summit of your 'Everest'. - whatever that happens to be for you.


I use my experience to help you create yours

I founded Possibility to Reality (P2R), to help mid-career professionals and evolving organisations take what's possible and make it real.

My mission is to unlock your potential - helping you test the limits, break the shackles and blow open the opportunities to create the future YOU want.

Over 25 years in frontline to executive roles, across 22 different industries and 10 career changes, I've overcome many of the challenges you're facing today.

As a Master Certified, Award Winning Coach, I use an integrated approach that draws on whatever it is you need to overcome your unique challenge.

Together, we harness the power of change to create the change you want and, once you've worked with me, you won't look back!


Here's how I help you

What sets P2R apart from your typical executive coaching, career coaching, leadership development, change management consulting and business team building firms lies in 3 Core Principles:

1. Everything we do is ALL about YOU...

No hidden agendas, ulterior motives or inflexible methods. 

My approach is personalised to help you achieve your aspirations.

2. Change isn't done FOR you or TO you...

Rather, it is done WITH YOUI come alongside you, supporting you every step of the way, with strategies you can use and build on, long after we've finished working together. The power is all yours!

3. Change doesn't need to be HARD!

We resist it for so many reasons and while it may not be easy, we do make it simple. In fact, change can happen in a heartbeat! Together, we make change simple to achieve lasting results in real time.

Caroline Cameron Career Coach Melbourne


Here's what I can help you with


Here's what our clients say


Resilience - my favourite topic

Caroline's talk on resilience was my favourite topic - it's so relevant in today's world to be resilient, present, expansive, honest and understanding. Thank you for sharing how simple it is to build our resilience muscles.

Attendee , 9th Public Sector Women in Leadership Victoria Summit

Very insightful and honest yet pragmatic and resourceful

I got a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding of my personal strengths and weaknesses from my time with Caroline. I found her to be very insightful and honest yet pragmatic and resourceful with the advice and coaching provided. I take a lot of wisdom and perspective from the time spent. I am a better person for it.

Ralph Muthaya , Head of Food & Beverage | Melbourne Racing Club

A new confidence, new views and tools and clarity of purpose

Our coaching has given me a new confidence, new views and tools on how to do things as well as clarity of purpose relating to those many rocks (priorities) on my desk. What I’ve learnt I will use in my next role, as well as being able to help others to use. Energized, whilst my end goal is still in the distance, I know I will get there…motivation is a hard thing to break if you firmly believe in it…..thanks Caroline. Thank you for your views and observations and ability to provide relevant and very insightful information…….it has made such a difference, for today and moving forward.

Manfred Barone , Director | Premium Retail Solutions

Caroline gave me the skills and confidence I needed to clarify the type of leader I want to be and successfully navigate a team restructure

Moving from middle management to a senior leadership role I knew I would have to take a different approach. Coaching with Caroline gave me the skills and confidence I needed to clarify the type of leader I want to be and successfully navigate a team restructure. Challenging me to step outside my comfort zone, Caroline armed me with the beliefs, techniques and approaches I needed to step out of the detail; see the bigger picture and work strategically to achieve it. She has a great way of drawing on your past experience, developing your strengths and helping you convert your ideas into outcomes and I recommend her to anyone who is ready to take the next step in their career.

Emma Catford , Chief Implementation Officer | Fire Rescue Victoria, Dept Justice & Community Safetye

Energy, Drive and Patience

Thank you to Caroline for your energy, drive and patience with us. We set an ambitious target of defining our purpose, setting our vision and working out how we could achieve it. After a very full and draining day, I am proud of what we achieved as our foundation and particularly the spirit in which we all got there.

John Porter , Business Solutions Delivery Manager | TRUenergy

Very skilled at challenging everyone and creating a safe learning space

Caroline is great. She is a great communicator and fantastic facilitator – very insightful, inclusive and interesting. She’s very skilled at challenging everyone and creating a safe learning space. I’ve learned and grown so much throughout this program.

Attendee , Emerging Leaders Program

Highly responsive to the individual’s pace, needs and issues, while remaining quietly focused on the desired outcomes.

Perhaps you've found yourself drifting, unwillingly, into the Talking Heads’ song, Once in a Lifetime: "Letting the days go by / let the water hold me down". Perhaps you're starting to wonder, "Where does that highway go? / And you may ask yourself / Am I right? I wrong? / And you may tell yourself / My god!...what have I done?" I'm not sure I thought about it at the time – I don't even particularly like the song – but in retrospect I think these lyrics approximate the indecisive and diffident state I found myself in, floating aimlessly, but at least beginning to heed an increasingly insistent inner voice calling for change and growth.

If this resonates with you, then I sincerely recommend Caroline Cameron to you. Her coaching expertise and experience, coupled with her enthusiasm, commitment and admirable personal qualities, are a very potent combination, well designed to help anyone ready to make the necessary individual effort, to achieve fundamental, lasting and above all positive personal change.

Caroline’s approach differs from more mechanistic, structured or task-based coaching frameworks that I’d sampled. Her techniques are subtle (and thus difficult to articulate with great precision), her enormous skill as a coach is unobtrusive, and she is highly responsive to the individual’s pace, needs and issues, while remaining quietly focused on the desired outcomes.

Some weeks after completing a coaching course with Caroline, I’ve found she has indeed imparted skills that I am able to apply effectively, independently of the structure and security of the coaching relationship. I may still be learning to swim, but the water no longer holds me down and I'm swimming my own course. I'd urge you to take the plunge too.

Lynn W , CIO

Caroline helped me identify my 'blind spots' and better understand my impact on others

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Caroline for the past eighteen months as my executive coach. Caroline is a brilliant coach who enabled me to become a far more effective leader in my organisation. Caroline consistently challenged and extended my thinking, provided me with a range of strategies to overcome challenges and barriers and enhanced my strengths by learning to consciously apply them at different times. Most importantly Caroline helped me identify my 'blind spots' and better understand my impact on others. As a result of the coaching I now have more job satisfaction, increased self-confidence and improved relationships with my staff. This has all led to increased performance and results by individuals and teams.

Rick Nugent , Deputy Commissioner | Victoria Police

Amazed at the change I could feel in myself after each session - more confident than ever before

After my first hour with Caroline I was sure that I could benefit enormously from her help. I felt I had been talking to a friend and I was so comfortable in Caroline’s company.

I was amazed at the change I could feel in myself after each session. I’m more confident than ever before and while I feel so positive after speaking with Caroline, I’ve also learned techniques and questions to ask myself which help me get through situations on my own, as I confront them.

Each time I have gone to Caroline with something that is a causing concern she has been able to help me feel that I can deal with the situation. Even a problem that I couldn’t imagine could be made easy, was made manageable by breaking it down into small steps. I have since used the strategy we came up with and was very happy to find that I could approach my task without the usual dread. In fact, my new approach was so successful and positive that my confidence has grown even more.

I could not be more grateful to Caroline, as she has opened up so many possibilities for me by asking questions that really make me think and allowing me to work through challenges.

Anne Maerz , Principal Trainer, Research at Connecting Care Program | Parkville EMR

An expert coach and motivational speaker who knows her stuff!

As well as being great to work with, Caroline is an expert coach and motivational speaker who knows her stuff! We engaged Caroline as the life coach for a Financial Health Retreat - to help our guests see their personal finances in a bigger life picture. The event was informal and Caroline was a critical part of creating a relaxed and engaging event.

Our guests were mainly media representatives, which suited Caroline's ability to communicate in detail while keeping an eye on the big picture - all the time being genuine and personable. She has a great ability to connect easily with people and her group sessions are highly interactive - there are no passengers in Caroline's sessions! She also provided some incredibly practical tools.

I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who wants their event to create a positive impact, long after it is over.

Coran Lill , Group Executive, Communications & Marketing | IRESS

I found myself feeling on top of the moon after every session

Caroline exceeded all my expectations. From our first session I found her to be extremely approachable and attentive. She was dedicated and passionate about me achieving my goals and her knowledge and wisdom was ever present. Her positive and enthusiastic manner was contagious and I found myself feeling on top of the moon after every session.

She has provided me with clarity and a new focus around my future. She has changed my mindset for the better. I now have the tools to move myself past things blocking my path. I have learnt the benefit of ‘effective questioning’. I can achieve my dream job – it’s just a question of taking action. You can tell she truly loves her job.

Lisa Iurada , Personal Image Stylist | Cocoon Styling

A game changer, lifesaver and the biggest hero and supporter you never knew you had

Caroline is an incredibly impressive executive coach and a master of change. I've been most fortunate to work with a variety of executive coaches and leadership consultants, but Caroline is by far the most exceptional coach I've come across. She has great energy, a real calmness that diffuses anyone's inner anxiety, and her tools and tips are second to none. I have engaged Caroline as a coach in two different roles, and there is no doubt I wouldn't be where I am today without Caroline. She is a game changer, lifesaver and the biggest hero and supporter you never knew you had. I hope to work with her again in future!

Michelle Batsas , Executive Director ANZ | International Assoc. of Public Transport

Engaging, knowledgeable, supportive, challenging and inspiring! 

Caroline is engaging, knowledgeable, supportive, challenging and inspiring! She was well prepared and knows so much about different aspects of leadership.

Attendee , Emerging Leaders Program

Encouraging, challenging but gentle, and most importantly - focused on results

Caroline's coaching is encouraging, challenging but gentle, and most importantly - focused on results. She creates change in the client by directing their inherent strengths towards their ambitions. The tools she uses to frame success are bespoke and effective. I benefited greatly from my sessions with Caroline - she helped me find a renewed gusto for my career and as a result I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead - and conquering them!

I strongly recommend Caroline to any executive leader looking to sharpen their focus on job and career.

Yossi Goldfarb , Executive Leader | Dept of Jobs, Precincts & Regions

A brilliant coach - knows how to ask the right questions, how firm to be and with the right amount of heart and laughs!

I wasn't sure I really wanted to work with a coach. But I'm so pleased I chose Caroline to work with. I got more out of my sessions with her than I ever expected. I've now got a tool bag with so many practical and helpful tools on it and with a good knowledge of which ones to use everyday. Caroline is a brilliant coach - knows how to ask the right questions, how firm to be and with the right amount of heart and laughs. Brilliant!

Annie Volkering , Executive Director | Dept Environment, Land, Water & Planning

I always walked away from our sessions feeling empowered and confident.

Before I started coaching with Caroline, I wasn’t enjoying my role and could see no light at the end of the tunnel. By the time I completed the P2R Executive Career and Leadership coaching program, everything had changed! By challenging my thinking, I was able to approach seemingly insurmountable problems in a way that significantly improved my work and relationships. I was then able to make critical decisions about my career which resulted in a new and exciting leadership role. As a good listener, Caroline helped me unlock a range of options to tackle each and every career and general work enjoyment ‘blocker’ posed. I always walked away from our sessions feeling empowered and confident. Now, I am highly engaged, happy and seeing bright prospects ahead.

Merryn Lancaster , Lead Senior Business Analyst | Victoria police

Caroline’s coaching threw me a lifeline that I caught with both hands

From our first session, I immediately felt comfortable talking honestly and plainly with Caroline about aspects of my life that were confronting and were limiting the life I wanted to live. Opening up the hurt, fear, confusion and anger was a great relief, as was Caroline’s assurance that there was nothing about me that was “broken” that needed fixing. It was the first of many times she reminded me that within myself I already possessed everything I need for a great life. It’s tapping into that storehouse that needs a little focused attention. Understanding this was a great start.

Throughout our sessions, I was confident that Caroline was genuinely interested and involved in my personal journey and that she was on my side. Sympathetic and empathetic? Yes, Caroline is that! Vigilant and determined? Yes, I’m afraid Caroline is that too! - through regular follow ups she kept me honest and true to my affirmations.

I was elated to be able to share with Caroline the joy of achieving my goals. Even the smallest triumph served as a potent reminder for me that you do get what you focus on – and Caroline made every triumph a celebration.

Caroline’s coaching threw me a lifeline that I caught with both hands. I’m swimming under my own steam now and the harder I kick the more noise I make, the more space I take up, the bigger wake I leave behind me, and the more I revel in it.

I heartily recommend Caroline’s coaching style and approach and can vouch for the results.

Liz O'Donnell , Consultant | SMS Management & Technology

Amazing and liberating to know that you can search, stretch and examine thoughts, aspirations and re-train your thinking

Initially when thinking about professional coaching I wasn’t sure what to expect, or what it would really mean. After all, I knew that I would be confiding in someone I didn’t really know - scary stuff! Within the initial session Caroline was able to address my concerns. This was a professional relationship, not a friendship. From the first session, I felt comfortable with Caroline knowing that she wouldn’t judge me and that I could trust her with everything.

It is amazing and completely liberating to know that you can search, stretch and examine thoughts, aspirations and re-train your thinking without that feeling that you may hurt, disappoint or damage a key relationship in your life.

Through coaching I have redefined my boundaries and been able to accept that I can only control me – this was a major step for me and a path that Caroline expertly guided me through. Not once did Caroline tell me what to do, feel or behave. The success or failure of this, of me, was based solely on me.

Friends comment that following this experience I am much more grounded, self -aware, self-confident and trusting. Caroline was an amazing support and guide to me. Her capability to explore, examine and listen without telling me what to do was key to the success of this experience. Her patience and willingness to explore what is important to me without judgement was liberating.

I would recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to take their life to the next level, in another direction or address some of their self-limiting beliefs or overcome obstacles. My advice, in undertaking coaching with Caroline, is to give it 110%. Caroline will give you 110% and, as the old saying goes to get the most out it – go hard or go home. You will be only cheating yourself if you give it any less.

Suzanne Collins , Scrum Lead, Product Definition Solution | Telstra

Caroline changed my life!

Caroline's enthusiasm and expertise as an executive coach is legendary. Responsible for transforming lives and helping to create possibilities and making outcomes achievable. Caroline changed my life.

Jo-Anne Munro , Manager, Provider Relations | HCF Australia

Energising, Inspirational - most engaging Board Strategic Planning process

My experience of working with you has been energising and inspirational. The strategic planning process with the Board was the most engaging that I have been involved in thus far. You seemed to be able to keep the ideas flowing, and to adapt the process according to the information exchange as it was happening. You worked with teams through all levels of the organisation to not only focus on our core business, but to do some magical thinking about the future and where it could take us.

Helen Wearne , CEO | South Eastern Palliative Care

Extremely impressive ability to relate to staff, level of energy to keep them motivated and focused under stress

I have been very impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism exhibited by Caroline. Her ability to relate to staff, level of energy to keep them motivated and focused was extremely impressive especially under such stressful situations. This combined with a deep level of understanding of the organisation, the people and theory of change lead to a number of successful assignments.

Cameron Dorse , Chief Digital Officer | Jemena


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