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Why work with ME?

The 'Sherpa you need to climb your Everest'

CAroline Cameron Executive Coach Melbourne

A few years ago I was facilitating a Strategic Planning Workshop for CEO Tony, one of my Executive Coaching Clients. As I joined the coffee queue at morning tea, Tony was standing in front of me, chatting to Mark, when Mark asked him, "So, if Caroline's your Executive Coach, how does she help you?"

Tony thought for a moment and then replied, "She's the Sherpa you need to climb your Everest. She won't climb it for you but she travels alongside you -  showing you the short cuts, carrying your pack when you get tired and supporting you every step of the way - until you reach the summit." Now that sounded like a great way to describe what I do!

 If you're tired of the struggle and ready to find an easier way, I'll help you break through the challenges to successfully break through and reach the summit of your 'Everest'. - whatever that happens to be for you.


I use my experience to help you create yours

I founded Possibility to Reality (P2R), to help mid-career professionals and evolving organisations take what's possible and make it real.

My mission is to unlock your potential - helping you test the limits, break the shackles and blow open the opportunities to create the future YOU want.

Over 25 years in frontline to executive roles, across 22 different industries and 10 career changes, I've overcome many of the challenges you're facing today.

As a Master Certified, Award Winning Coach, I use an integrated approach that draws on whatever it is you need to overcome your unique challenge.

Together, we harness the power of change to create the change you want and, once you've worked with me, you won't look back!


Here's how I help you

What sets P2R apart from your typical executive coaching, career coaching, leadership development, change management consulting and business team building firms lies in 3 Core Principles:

1. Everything we do is ALL about YOU...

No hidden agendas, ulterior motives or inflexible methods. 

My approach is personalised to help you achieve your aspirations.

2. Change isn't done FOR you or TO you...

Rather, it is done WITH YOUI come alongside you, supporting you every step of the way, with strategies you can use and build on, long after we've finished working together. The power is all yours!

3. Change doesn't need to be HARD!

We resist it for so many reasons and while it may not be easy, we do make it simple. In fact, change can happen in a heartbeat! Together, we make change simple to achieve lasting results in real time.

Caroline Cameron Career Coach Melbourne


Here's what I can help you with


Here's what our clients say


Warm and relational style of engagement has been a great fit and her ability to assist us to take strategic concepts to completion has been an enormous benefit

Melbourne City Mission engaged Caroline's services on a number of occasions over the past 12 years to assist us in the development and implementation of a number of strategic processes.

Caroline's warm and relational style of engagement has been a great fit to our organisation, and her ability to assist us to take strategic concepts to completion has been an enormous benefit.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Melbourne City Mission has benefitted from Caroline’s expert ability to work with our strengths and potential to create tangible and successful outcomes. She has consistently and generously gone 'above and beyond' the scope of the brief to support our work with disadvantaged communities.

Caroline draws upon a wide network of connections upon which to 'connect the dots' and has certainly brokered relationships and connections to assist me in the development of my services. She also draws upon a wealth of knowledge and insights to strengthen her approach to service. Whether it is facilitating a complex planning session, providing life coaching or writing detailed and comprehensive reports/submissions, Caroline's work at Melbourne City Mission has constantly been of an exceptionally high standard.

I highly recommend Caroline to you, and would be happy to provide personal reference for her work. I can be contacted either via LinkedIn, or through Melbourne City Mission.

Sherri Bruinhout , Director, Housing Pathways and Outcomes | Dept Human Services

Deep listening, consistently positive attitude and belief that anything is possible creates the climate of trust

I invited Caroline to be my coach and guide as I retired from my CEO role. Caroline’s non judgmental, big picture, possibility thinking approach; along with her capacity to listen deeply and challenge helped me set priorities and chart and navigate a positive transition for the organization and for myself. I am now embarking on the next stage of my life journey. I have a clear vision of the life I want to live, how I want to relate to others and make a difference in the world. Whether working within an organization or working one on one with a person, Caroline’s deep listening skills, consistently positive attitude and belief that anything is possible creates the climate of trust and the scaffolding required to move from the present reality, vision the future and identify a plan to achieve it. I recommend working with Caroline and P2R to anyone who seriously wants to make positive changes in their lives or in their organizations. Our time together opened doors for me – thank you for the gift of your wisdom and time.

Ann Turley , Former CEO | Melbourne City Mission

Challenged me in career planning and leadership, helping me become more consciously aware of my strengths and leadership skills

Caroline has been a wonderful coach/mentor to me over the last 6 months. She has vast knowledge and experience along with an excellent array of tools. Using this knowledge and experience Caroline was able to challenge and push me in the areas of career planning and leadership along with helping me to become more consciously aware of my strengths and leadership skills. I certainly gained a lot in a short period and have no hesitation in recommending Caroline.

John C. , Business Partner

An expert coach and motivational speaker who knows her stuff!

As well as being great to work with, Caroline is an expert coach and motivational speaker who knows her stuff! We engaged Caroline as the life coach for a Financial Health Retreat - to help our guests see their personal finances in a bigger life picture. The event was informal and Caroline was a critical part of creating a relaxed and engaging event.

Our guests were mainly media representatives, which suited Caroline's ability to communicate in detail while keeping an eye on the big picture - all the time being genuine and personable. She has a great ability to connect easily with people and her group sessions are highly interactive - there are no passengers in Caroline's sessions! She also provided some incredibly practical tools.

I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who wants their event to create a positive impact, long after it is over.

Coran Lill , Group Executive, Communications & Marketing | IRESS

Helped me unlock a more productive and insightful working style.

Caroline was a real revelation for me. She was referred to me at a crucial point in my career and helped me unlock a more productive and insightful working style. I would highly recommend Caroline for anyone looking for truthful and purposeful executive coaching.

Zak Ashkanasy , Principal | The Nous Group

Encouraging, challenging but gentle, and most importantly - focused on results

Caroline's coaching is encouraging, challenging but gentle, and most importantly - focused on results. She creates change in the client by directing their inherent strengths towards their ambitions. The tools she uses to frame success are bespoke and effective. I benefited greatly from my sessions with Caroline - she helped me find a renewed gusto for my career and as a result I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead - and conquering them!

I strongly recommend Caroline to any executive leader looking to sharpen their focus on job and career.

Yossi Goldfarb , Executive Leader | Dept of Jobs, Precincts & Regions

Leads you in setting aspirational goals and then working through how these can be achieved in a very practical way

I have been fortunate to work with Caroline for three periods of time, each related to new positions. When I gained my first acting executive position Caroline supported me in establishing myself in the role, then applying and being successfully appointed. Caroline provides a good balance of challenge and support in her coaching. She leads you in setting aspirational goals and then working through how these can be achieved in a very practical way. I didn't hesitate to re-engage Caroline when applying and moving into two further positions, as I knew that she would help me to quickly build a strong vision and plan for implementation. And apart from that, she's a great listener and helps me to keep things in perspective, including encouraging fun and balance in life! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Caroline to friends and colleagues.

Sue Buckley , Assistant Deputy Secretary | Dept Education & Training

Caroline helped me identify my 'blind spots' and better understand my impact on others

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Caroline for the past eighteen months as my executive coach. Caroline is a brilliant coach who enabled me to become a far more effective leader in my organisation. Caroline consistently challenged and extended my thinking, provided me with a range of strategies to overcome challenges and barriers and enhanced my strengths by learning to consciously apply them at different times. Most importantly Caroline helped me identify my 'blind spots' and better understand my impact on others. As a result of the coaching I now have more job satisfaction, increased self-confidence and improved relationships with my staff. This has all led to increased performance and results by individuals and teams.

Rick Nugent , Deputy Commissioner | Victoria Police

Caroline has a very unique and special way of helping people become everything they hope to be

Working with Caroline has been an absolutely life changing experience and I can truly say that I am a better person for having met and worked with her. Her calming and friendly conversational skills allow you to get to the root cause of discussion points, without making you feel uncomfortable. Caroline was always present and I was at the center of her time. She listens and makes what you're talking about really important and there's no need to hold back. Caroline has a very unique and special way of helping people become everything they hope to be.

Angela Konstantopoulos , National People Safety Manager | Coles

I was so well supported and mentored throughout by a change management expert

When I was offered a role as a Project Officer for a major change project, it was is very different from my usual role as Nurse Coordinator. I knew it was a great opportunity but had reservations about taking on something that I didn’t have a great deal of experience in.

The one thing that tipped my decision was the offer of working with an ‘External Consultant’ who I was told would help guide me through the process. This person was Caroline Cameron who did more than ‘guide’ me through managing a project!

I cannot speak highly enough of Caroline’s approach, manner and obvious wealth of knowledge in a vast array of areas that related to not only the project but also my own professional development. Working with Caroline gave me excellent direct access to learning as well as invaluable encouragement and insight into how to put this learning into practice.

Working on the project has been a great experience for me, and I attribute the success of this experience to the fact that I was so well supported and mentored throughout by an expert in change management and many other fields which is quite rare in the health care setting!!

Fiona Gorrie , Director, Ambulatory Care | Royal Children's Hospital

Exceptional at drawing out what lay dormant in me

Caroline was exceptional at drawing out what lay dormant in me. Her strategies are simple but highly effective in assisting me to develop strong high level skills to run a large, highly complex, challenging and values driven government program. I found the experience of working of working with Caroline highly empowering by providing me with the ability to make the best of my people, my boss and of course me. She is well trained and very skilled at her job but most importantly to me - she is real, kind and challenging!

Mariela Diaz , Director, Family Violence Reform | Magistrates Court of Victoria

Ensured that the planning day achieved real outcomes and a pathway for success

AMS engaged Caroline as a facilitator for a strategic planning day. Our current strategic plan was outdated and unused and we wanted something fresh and motivating. Caroline gave us a structure and template for the day which helped us to synthesise and document ideas for real change. Caroline also provided us with tools and follow up to ensure that the planning day achieved real outcomes and a pathway for success. Caroline's warm and engaging manner also helped to make the process effortless. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline for facilitating strategic planning and happy to answer any queries you may have.

Vicki Doherty , Executive Director | Australasian Menopause Society

Exceeded all my expectations

This program exceeded all my expectations. There’s always a risk of trying to cram too much in but this program covered the right amount and type of topics for me to grasp and apply what I’ve learned.

Attendee , Emerging Leaders Program

Outstanding leadership and coaching abilities

Caroline is a senior consultant whose outstanding leadership and coaching abilities, exemplary stakeholder management abilities, strong conceptual and analytical thinking, and ability to work through complex and detailed situations make her a professional I would unreservedly recommend to employers and clients alike.

Vicki Young , Director of Curation | Spark the Change

Caroline changed my life!

Caroline's enthusiasm and expertise as an executive coach is legendary. Responsible for transforming lives and helping to create possibilities and making outcomes achievable. Caroline changed my life.

Jo-Anne Munro , Manager, Provider Relations | HCF Australia

Amazed at the change I could feel in myself after each session - more confident than ever before

After my first hour with Caroline I was sure that I could benefit enormously from her help. I felt I had been talking to a friend and I was so comfortable in Caroline’s company.

I was amazed at the change I could feel in myself after each session. I’m more confident than ever before and while I feel so positive after speaking with Caroline, I’ve also learned techniques and questions to ask myself which help me get through situations on my own, as I confront them.

Each time I have gone to Caroline with something that is a causing concern she has been able to help me feel that I can deal with the situation. Even a problem that I couldn’t imagine could be made easy, was made manageable by breaking it down into small steps. I have since used the strategy we came up with and was very happy to find that I could approach my task without the usual dread. In fact, my new approach was so successful and positive that my confidence has grown even more.

I could not be more grateful to Caroline, as she has opened up so many possibilities for me by asking questions that really make me think and allowing me to work through challenges.

Anne Maerz , Principal Trainer, Research at Connecting Care Program | Parkville EMR

Lateral solutions, realistic targets and a no-nonsense approach to problem solving

Caroline has been fantastic at helping me achieve my professional goals - lateral solutions, realistic targets and a no-nonsense approach to problem solving. I particularly appreciated the chance to explore the issues before we decided on a course of action. Our sessions were always highly collaborative and engaging. I highly recommend Caroline as an Executive Career Coach and am appreciative of her efforts in supporting my improved performance.

Dean Tighe , Deputy Secretary, Investment and Technology | Dept of Transport

Participants feeling very inspired and motivated about change!

Caroline did a great job hosting our Community Development Forum! She kept everyone engaged and the range of activities that were implemented was highly effective.

It was obvious that people made new connections and gained practical tools to take away, which met our brief perfectly.

Already this morning we have had feedback from participants on how they are feeling very inspired and motivated about change!

Anna Tsaganos , Team Leader, Community Development | Glen Eira City Council

By far the best leadership program I've ever done

Caroline was excellent – having been through several similar courses, this leadership program was by far the best I’ve ever done.

Attendee , Emerging Leaders Program

The standout benefit to working with Caroline is her ability to see beyond boundaries for her clients

I engaged Caroline as a coach, at a time I was seeking clarity around engineering a future direction for myself that would allow me to tap into my unique skills and be something I was truly engaged with. Caroline's coaching allowed me to really open up to the possibilities that were available to me, and previously impossible for me to see. Her structured program provided all the tools necessary to get a strategy out of my head and down on paper. The incredible insights and guidance from Caroline allowed me to map out that direction for myself with both clarity and conviction. The standout benefit to working with Caroline is her ability to see beyond boundaries for her clients, and in some cases simply not accept them, holding her clients to account and enabling them to take the first crucial steps towards their future. I would highly recommend Caroline for coaching and life design strategy. Her dedication and depth and range of experience is excellent.

Chris Picone , Founder | The Stevie Project

A game changer, lifesaver and the biggest hero and supporter you never knew you had

Caroline is an incredibly impressive executive coach and a master of change. I've been most fortunate to work with a variety of executive coaches and leadership consultants, but Caroline is by far the most exceptional coach I've come across. She has great energy, a real calmness that diffuses anyone's inner anxiety, and her tools and tips are second to none. I have engaged Caroline as a coach in two different roles, and there is no doubt I wouldn't be where I am today without Caroline. She is a game changer, lifesaver and the biggest hero and supporter you never knew you had. I hope to work with her again in future!

Michelle Batsas , Executive Director ANZ | International Assoc. of Public Transport


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