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Did you know we spend 91,250 hours of our lives at work?!  Yet, in our fast paced, stressful 24/7, 'always on' world, research shows 85% of us are struggling.

Thankfully, that doesn't have to be you!

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Why work with ME?

The 'Sherpa you need to climb your Everest'

CAroline Cameron Executive Coach Melbourne

A few years ago I was facilitating a Strategic Planning Workshop for CEO Tony, one of my Executive Coaching Clients. As I joined the coffee queue at morning tea, Tony was standing in front of me, chatting to Mark, when Mark asked him, "So, if Caroline's your Executive Coach, how does she help you?"

Tony thought for a moment and then replied, "She's the Sherpa you need to climb your Everest. She won't climb it for you but she travels alongside you -  showing you the short cuts, carrying your pack when you get tired and supporting you every step of the way - until you reach the summit." Now that sounded like a great way to describe what I do!

 If you're tired of the struggle and ready to find an easier way, I'll help you break through the challenges to successfully break through and reach the summit of your 'Everest'. - whatever that happens to be for you.


I use my experience to help you create yours

I founded Possibility to Reality (P2R), to help mid-career professionals and evolving organisations take what's possible and make it real.

My mission is to unlock your potential - helping you test the limits, break the shackles and blow open the opportunities to create the future YOU want.

Over 25 years in frontline to executive roles, across 22 different industries and 10 career changes, I've overcome many of the challenges you're facing today.

As a Master Certified, Award Winning Coach, I use an integrated approach that draws on whatever it is you need to overcome your unique challenge.

Together, we harness the power of change to create the change you want and, once you've worked with me, you won't look back!


Here's how I help you

What sets P2R apart from your typical executive coaching, career coaching, leadership development, change management consulting and business team building firms lies in 3 Core Principles:

1. Everything we do is ALL about YOU...

No hidden agendas, ulterior motives or inflexible methods. 

My approach is personalised to help you achieve your aspirations.

2. Change isn't done FOR you or TO you...

Rather, it is done WITH YOUI come alongside you, supporting you every step of the way, with strategies you can use and build on, long after we've finished working together. The power is all yours!

3. Change doesn't need to be HARD!

We resist it for so many reasons and while it may not be easy, we do make it simple. In fact, change can happen in a heartbeat! Together, we make change simple to achieve lasting results in real time.

Caroline Cameron Career Coach Melbourne


Here's what I can help you with


Here's what our clients say


Amazed at the change I could feel in myself after each session - more confident than ever before

After my first hour with Caroline I was sure that I could benefit enormously from her help. I felt I had been talking to a friend and I was so comfortable in Caroline’s company.

I was amazed at the change I could feel in myself after each session. I’m more confident than ever before and while I feel so positive after speaking with Caroline, I’ve also learned techniques and questions to ask myself which help me get through situations on my own, as I confront them.

Each time I have gone to Caroline with something that is a causing concern she has been able to help me feel that I can deal with the situation. Even a problem that I couldn’t imagine could be made easy, was made manageable by breaking it down into small steps. I have since used the strategy we came up with and was very happy to find that I could approach my task without the usual dread. In fact, my new approach was so successful and positive that my confidence has grown even more.

I could not be more grateful to Caroline, as she has opened up so many possibilities for me by asking questions that really make me think and allowing me to work through challenges.

Anne Maerz , Principal Trainer, Research at Connecting Care Program | Parkville EMR

One of the most positive, determined people I have met

Caroline is one of the most positive, determined people I have met. She has energy and capability and an unfailing optimistic nature that makes her consulting efforts highly effective.

Paul Cooper , Associate Professor Faculty of Medicine | Deakin University

Caroline changed my life!

Caroline's enthusiasm and expertise as an executive coach is legendary. Responsible for transforming lives and helping to create possibilities and making outcomes achievable. Caroline changed my life.

Jo-Anne Munro , Manager, Provider Relations | HCF Australia

Highly skilled, emotionally attuned, able to skillfully challenge and re frame my thinking

I have been privileged to have Caroline as an Executive coach over the last 2 years. Caroline is highly skilled, emotionally attuned and is able to skillfully challenge and re frame my thinking, alongside providing many strategies to overcome challenges and build my confidence and success as a leader. Caroline has assisted me to "dig deep" and really understand who I am, and what I stand for as a leader. Having the space and support to develop through coaching with Caroline has been a gift.

Michelle Van Doorn , National Executive Director of Services | OzChild

Exceptional at drawing out what lay dormant in me

Caroline was exceptional at drawing out what lay dormant in me. Her strategies are simple but highly effective in assisting me to develop strong high level skills to run a large, highly complex, challenging and values driven government program. I found the experience of working of working with Caroline highly empowering by providing me with the ability to make the best of my people, my boss and of course me. She is well trained and very skilled at her job but most importantly to me - she is real, kind and challenging!

Mariela Diaz , Director, Family Violence Reform | Magistrates Court of Victoria

Found new motivation, clear purpose and direction, increased productivity and relaxation

I was a coaching client of Caroline's and used the tools and strategies she provided to find new motivation, clear purpose and direction, and increased productivity and relaxation. The Great Life Redesign delivered all that was promised...and more. Caroline really provided a program to suit my needs and through the process supported me to make important changes to my belief patterns, daily structure, time management systems, decision making and an overall "game plan" for life - both professionally and personally. The strategies have not only helped to achieve my initial goals, but provided skills to take me forward into the future. This program provides an excellent "ROI" and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to take the next step in creating the life they want to lead.

Nicole Thomas , Director, Aviation Advisor | Uiver Memorial Community Trust

Caroline’s coaching threw me a lifeline that I caught with both hands

From our first session, I immediately felt comfortable talking honestly and plainly with Caroline about aspects of my life that were confronting and were limiting the life I wanted to live. Opening up the hurt, fear, confusion and anger was a great relief, as was Caroline’s assurance that there was nothing about me that was “broken” that needed fixing. It was the first of many times she reminded me that within myself I already possessed everything I need for a great life. It’s tapping into that storehouse that needs a little focused attention. Understanding this was a great start.

Throughout our sessions, I was confident that Caroline was genuinely interested and involved in my personal journey and that she was on my side. Sympathetic and empathetic? Yes, Caroline is that! Vigilant and determined? Yes, I’m afraid Caroline is that too! - through regular follow ups she kept me honest and true to my affirmations.

I was elated to be able to share with Caroline the joy of achieving my goals. Even the smallest triumph served as a potent reminder for me that you do get what you focus on – and Caroline made every triumph a celebration.

Caroline’s coaching threw me a lifeline that I caught with both hands. I’m swimming under my own steam now and the harder I kick the more noise I make, the more space I take up, the bigger wake I leave behind me, and the more I revel in it.

I heartily recommend Caroline’s coaching style and approach and can vouch for the results.

Liz O'Donnell , Consultant | SMS Management & Technology

Exremely positive feedback - people very much enjoyed the opportunity to reflect

Thank you for the workshop you provided yesterday as part of our planning and review day. The feedback from the team was extremely positive and people very much enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on their work in the context of past, present and future directions.

Chris Pierson , Manager Services Innovation Program, | Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture

Engaging, knowledgeable, supportive, challenging and inspiring! 

Caroline is engaging, knowledgeable, supportive, challenging and inspiring! She was well prepared and knows so much about different aspects of leadership.

Attendee , Emerging Leaders Program

Highly skilled, exceptionally talented, totally reliable - delivers nothing short of excellence

As the MD for one of the largest networks of Coaches, I get to meet and work with some amazing people. Caroline is the best in her class and has a 100% track record for commitment and execution. She is highly skilled, exceptionally talented, totally reliable and the type of professional that will deliver nothing short of excellence. She is delightful to work with and builds great relationships and creates safe environments where critical conversations can take place. Great things always come when you have Caroline on your team.

Sally Parrish , Founding Director | ANZI Coaching

By far the best leadership program I've ever done

Caroline was excellent – having been through several similar courses, this leadership program was by far the best I’ve ever done.

Attendee , Emerging Leaders Program

A rare combination of broad experience, powerful questions, deep insights, high inter-personal skills, unquestionable work ethic, high integrity and low ego

I have known Caroline for over a decade, initially as a consulting colleague and more recently I’ve engaged her on strategy and high performance team development assignments to support my own clients. I can recommend Caroline without reservation as a consummate professional, thoughtful advisor on change and transformation, brilliant facilitator and accomplished coach. She brings that rare combination of broad experience, powerful questions, deep insights, high inter-personal skills, unquestionable work ethic, high integrity and low ego – it’s all about YOU as the client and getting YOUR results, and on that basis I don’t know of any projects within Caroline’s influence that haven’t worked. So, when it’s about strategy or transformation I choose to work with Caroline whenever I can.

Robert Nankervis , Leadership Advisor, Scaling Up Certified Coach | Robert Nankervis|

An excellent speaker - engaging and relatable

Caroline is an excellent speaker. She was fantastic at the pre-workshop as well - so engaging and relatable. I gained so much that I will take away and actually use.

Attendee , 9th Public Sector Women in Leadership Victoria Summit

Spot on!

Spot on! I feel way more confident in my skills and leadership abilities now – this course is a must do for all emerging leaders.

Attendee , Emerging Leaders Program

Authentic, non evasive, able to support me to see & bring on my potential without being directive

Caroline was sensational during our Coaching. Authentic, non evasive, able to support me to see & bring on my potential without being directive. Caroline was always professional with a dash of humour and personable always. Structured whilst able to think outside of the box! I am thankful for our time together. It was a turning point, one that I continue to learn from.

Mandy Baxter , Manager, Youth Services | Barwon Child, Youth & Family

An inspiring and invaluable experience

Caroline's talk was an inspiring and invaluable experience. Her strategies for dealing with emotional stress are so simple, yet powerful. This talk was the highlight for me.

Attendee , 9th Public Sector Women in Leadership Victoria Summit

One of the best change management practitioners that I have worked with!

Thank you very much for all of the assistance, drive and change leadership that you have provided to help us achieve the foundation for uplifting our project capability. You have helped create a real momentum and the uplift generally. Your enthusiasm, pragmatic approach and change expertise have been very valuable in helping us on this journey. I would rate you as one of the best change management practitioners that I have worked with!

Adam Bennett , Executive General Manager | nab

Enriching presentation - a real hit!

We were all enriched by Caroline's presentation - it was a real hit. It worked perfectly with the day and was absolutely focused on our people.

Lisa Griffiths , CEO | OzChild

Amazing and liberating to know that you can search, stretch and examine thoughts, aspirations and re-train your thinking

Initially when thinking about professional coaching I wasn’t sure what to expect, or what it would really mean. After all, I knew that I would be confiding in someone I didn’t really know - scary stuff! Within the initial session Caroline was able to address my concerns. This was a professional relationship, not a friendship. From the first session, I felt comfortable with Caroline knowing that she wouldn’t judge me and that I could trust her with everything.

It is amazing and completely liberating to know that you can search, stretch and examine thoughts, aspirations and re-train your thinking without that feeling that you may hurt, disappoint or damage a key relationship in your life.

Through coaching I have redefined my boundaries and been able to accept that I can only control me – this was a major step for me and a path that Caroline expertly guided me through. Not once did Caroline tell me what to do, feel or behave. The success or failure of this, of me, was based solely on me.

Friends comment that following this experience I am much more grounded, self -aware, self-confident and trusting. Caroline was an amazing support and guide to me. Her capability to explore, examine and listen without telling me what to do was key to the success of this experience. Her patience and willingness to explore what is important to me without judgement was liberating.

I would recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to take their life to the next level, in another direction or address some of their self-limiting beliefs or overcome obstacles. My advice, in undertaking coaching with Caroline, is to give it 110%. Caroline will give you 110% and, as the old saying goes to get the most out it – go hard or go home. You will be only cheating yourself if you give it any less.

Suzanne Collins , Scrum Lead, Product Definition Solution | Telstra

Astute listener who provides considered and practical advice and guidance

Caroline is an astute listener who provides considered and practical advice and guidance. I recommend her strongly as an executive and career coach.

John Dalton , Director, Policy Co-ordination | Dept Jobs, REgions & Precincts

Ensured that the planning day achieved real outcomes and a pathway for success

AMS engaged Caroline as a facilitator for a strategic planning day. Our current strategic plan was outdated and unused and we wanted something fresh and motivating. Caroline gave us a structure and template for the day which helped us to synthesise and document ideas for real change. Caroline also provided us with tools and follow up to ensure that the planning day achieved real outcomes and a pathway for success. Caroline's warm and engaging manner also helped to make the process effortless. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline for facilitating strategic planning and happy to answer any queries you may have.

Vicki Doherty , Executive Director | Australasian Menopause Society


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