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Did you know we spend 91,250 hours of our lives at work?!  Yet, in our fast paced, stressful 24/7, 'always on' world, research shows 85% of us are struggling.

Thankfully, that doesn't have to be you!

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Why work with ME?

The 'Sherpa you need to climb your Everest'

CAroline Cameron Executive Coach Melbourne

A few years ago I was facilitating a Strategic Planning Workshop for CEO Tony, one of my Executive Coaching Clients. As I joined the coffee queue at morning tea, Tony was standing in front of me, chatting to Mark, when Mark asked him, "So, if Caroline's your Executive Coach, how does she help you?"

Tony thought for a moment and then replied, "She's the Sherpa you need to climb your Everest. She won't climb it for you but she travels alongside you -  showing you the short cuts, carrying your pack when you get tired and supporting you every step of the way - until you reach the summit." Now that sounded like a great way to describe what I do!

 If you're tired of the struggle and ready to find an easier way, I'll help you break through the challenges to successfully break through and reach the summit of your 'Everest'. - whatever that happens to be for you.


I use my experience to help you create yours

I founded Possibility to Reality (P2R), to help mid-career professionals and evolving organisations take what's possible and make it real.

My mission is to unlock your potential - helping you test the limits, break the shackles and blow open the opportunities to create the future YOU want.

Over 25 years in frontline to executive roles, across 22 different industries and 10 career changes, I've overcome many of the challenges you're facing today.

As a Master Certified, Award Winning Coach, I use an integrated approach that draws on whatever it is you need to overcome your unique challenge.

Together, we harness the power of change to create the change you want and, once you've worked with me, you won't look back!


Here's how I help you

What sets P2R apart from your typical executive coaching, career coaching, leadership development, change management consulting and business team building firms lies in 3 Core Principles:

1. Everything we do is ALL about YOU...

No hidden agendas, ulterior motives or inflexible methods. 

My approach is personalised to help you achieve your aspirations.

2. Change isn't done FOR you or TO you...

Rather, it is done WITH YOUI come alongside you, supporting you every step of the way, with strategies you can use and build on, long after we've finished working together. The power is all yours!

3. Change doesn't need to be HARD!

We resist it for so many reasons and while it may not be easy, we do make it simple. In fact, change can happen in a heartbeat! Together, we make change simple to achieve lasting results in real time.

Caroline Cameron Career Coach Melbourne


Here's what I can help you with


Here's what our clients say


I was somewhat skeptical about the full value of executive coaching until I met and worked with Caroline who is absolutely brilliant!

I was somewhat skeptical about the full value of executive coaching until I met and worked with Caroline who is absolutely brilliant. She has a wonderful way of stretching and challenging you to go further and critically evaluate yourself but also enables you to walk out of any coaching session feeling absolutely inspired about next steps. I would recommend Caroline's coaching to anyone who is looking for that next competitive edge but remains uncertain whether coaching can work. She is one of the best.

Genevieve Hawkins , General Manager Insurance | Coles

Participants feeling very inspired and motivated about change!

Caroline did a great job hosting our Community Development Forum! She kept everyone engaged and the range of activities that were implemented was highly effective.

It was obvious that people made new connections and gained practical tools to take away, which met our brief perfectly.

Already this morning we have had feedback from participants on how they are feeling very inspired and motivated about change!

Anna Tsaganos , Team Leader, Community Development | Glen Eira City Council

Nails what's needed in a second - just 'gets' people and organisations!

Caroline is an incredible consultant who can nail what's needed in a second and plan an amazing intervention just as fast. She just 'gets' people and organisations. An inspiration!

Sarah Beaumont , Managing Director | Pronoia

Enabled insights that previously could not be seen

As a mentor and a coach Caroline has provided me with tremendous advice and guidance over a period of time. Caroline has an in-depth technical knowledge of coaching and matches this with an appropriate style to assist in enabling insights that previously could not be seen. I highly recommend Caroline.

James Pettitt , Director, Portfolio Governance and Performance | RMIT University

Refusing to solve my challenges for me – Caroline asked the right questions, let me work at my own pace and ensured that I was very much the owner of my results

Having experienced multiple personal and career setbacks, Caroline came into my life when I was stuck … and tired. Caroline demonstrated an unbelievable amount of patience as I steadfastly refused to get out of my own way. Refusing to solve my challenges for me – she asked the right questions, let me work at my own pace and ensured that I was very much the owner of my results. Most importantly, I walked away strong – with a toolkit of skills I carry with me to this day – demonstrated by the fact that as I have faced further challenges, I have got through them with remarkable ease – taking the learning with me and leaving behind what I no longer need. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. The possibilities are a reality now.

Fiona Tribe , Director | White Owl Consulting

By far the best leadership program I've ever done

Caroline was excellent – having been through several similar courses, this leadership program was by far the best I’ve ever done.

Attendee , Emerging Leaders Program

Engaging, knowledgeable, supportive, challenging and inspiring! 

Caroline is engaging, knowledgeable, supportive, challenging and inspiring! She was well prepared and knows so much about different aspects of leadership.

Attendee , Emerging Leaders Program

Energising, Inspirational - most engaging Board Strategic Planning process

My experience of working with you has been energising and inspirational. The strategic planning process with the Board was the most engaging that I have been involved in thus far. You seemed to be able to keep the ideas flowing, and to adapt the process according to the information exchange as it was happening. You worked with teams through all levels of the organisation to not only focus on our core business, but to do some magical thinking about the future and where it could take us.

Helen Wearne , CEO | South Eastern Palliative Care

One of the best change management practitioners that I have worked with!

Thank you very much for all of the assistance, drive and change leadership that you have provided to help us achieve the foundation for uplifting our project capability. You have helped create a real momentum and the uplift generally. Your enthusiasm, pragmatic approach and change expertise have been very valuable in helping us on this journey. I would rate you as one of the best change management practitioners that I have worked with!

Adam Bennett , Executive General Manager | nab

Everyone got so much out of it!

Caroline did a brilliant job with our team and we've got some very worthwhile projects to work on as a result. I heard great feedback from other team members too - everyone got so much out of it.

Karla Lopez , Senior Forensic Psychologist | Victoria Police

Helped me find ways to open doors where all I had seen were walls

Through her probing style, Caroline helped me find ways to open doors where all I had seen were walls. Within a short period of time, she helped me change some of the ways I dealt with business challenges I faced, which carried over into all aspects of my life. In her soft-spoken way, Caroline packs an inspirational punch!

Marsha Sussman , Leadership Development Facilitator, Executive Coach | Human Capital International (H

Deep listening, consistently positive attitude and belief that anything is possible creates the climate of trust

I invited Caroline to be my coach and guide as I retired from my CEO role. Caroline’s non judgmental, big picture, possibility thinking approach; along with her capacity to listen deeply and challenge helped me set priorities and chart and navigate a positive transition for the organization and for myself. I am now embarking on the next stage of my life journey. I have a clear vision of the life I want to live, how I want to relate to others and make a difference in the world. Whether working within an organization or working one on one with a person, Caroline’s deep listening skills, consistently positive attitude and belief that anything is possible creates the climate of trust and the scaffolding required to move from the present reality, vision the future and identify a plan to achieve it. I recommend working with Caroline and P2R to anyone who seriously wants to make positive changes in their lives or in their organizations. Our time together opened doors for me – thank you for the gift of your wisdom and time.

Ann Turley , Former CEO | Melbourne City Mission

Enriching presentation - a real hit!

We were all enriched by Caroline's presentation - it was a real hit. It worked perfectly with the day and was absolutely focused on our people.

Lisa Griffiths , CEO | OzChild

Encouraging, challenging but gentle, and most importantly - focused on results

Caroline's coaching is encouraging, challenging but gentle, and most importantly - focused on results. She creates change in the client by directing their inherent strengths towards their ambitions. The tools she uses to frame success are bespoke and effective. I benefited greatly from my sessions with Caroline - she helped me find a renewed gusto for my career and as a result I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead - and conquering them!

I strongly recommend Caroline to any executive leader looking to sharpen their focus on job and career.

Yossi Goldfarb , Executive Leader | Dept of Jobs, Precincts & Regions

Professionalism, knowledge of OCM and also her industry connections became immediately obvious

Caroline was an Org Change Management consultant whilst I was recruiting for Simplot. We recruited together for a large transition project. Her professionalism, knowledge of OCM and also her industry connections became immediately obvious. This, coupled with her engaging approach, made the recruitment of a challenging to find resource a pleasure. I would recommend her for consulting around the OCM piece for any organisation serious about change.

Adrian Baker , Senior Business Development Manager | HCM PeopleStreme

Outstanding leadership and coaching abilities

Caroline is a senior consultant whose outstanding leadership and coaching abilities, exemplary stakeholder management abilities, strong conceptual and analytical thinking, and ability to work through complex and detailed situations make her a professional I would unreservedly recommend to employers and clients alike.

Vicki Young , Director of Curation | Spark the Change

I don’t think there was anyone in the room who remained untouched and unchanged by that experience.

I was interested to meet Caroline Cameron at a group retreat and watch her in action as she made a life-coaching presentation to us. I was extremely impressed with how she made the session so productive for everyone present, and how she put into practice the fundamentals of her craft so clearly, concisely and meaningfully. I don’t think there was anyone in the room who remained untouched and unchanged by that experience. She made everyone think about their lives, their reality and their goals, and helped us all realise how simply we could put changes incrementally in place to effect a transition from what is, to what we’d like to be. The process proved pretty inspiring for all of us there, and we all agreed that it had been an amazing experience to be a part of. I’ve had sessions since with other life coaches and often been terribly disappointed. They can become so caught up in their own experiences, jargon, sources and meaningless acronyms that the time spent with them feels utterly wasted. With Caroline, on the other hand, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any life, lifestyle, career or executive coaching role. I feel very fortunate to have had the benefit of her time, experience, empathy and wisdom.

Sue Williams , Journalist / Author / Travel Writer / University Lecturer

Helps me to look at situations differently now

Coaching with Caroline, I have learnt how to better manage difficult situations. There were times that I would come to a coaching session thinking there was no possible way out of a situation I was in, but Caroline helped me work through the issues and identify my options. I really liked that. It helps me to look at situations differently now. She also helped me recognise that I have good skills and experience that is transferable and that I can achieve anything if I want to.

Renee Hoffman , Senior Project Officer | Dept Education & Training

Caroline helped me identify my 'blind spots' and better understand my impact on others

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Caroline for the past eighteen months as my executive coach. Caroline is a brilliant coach who enabled me to become a far more effective leader in my organisation. Caroline consistently challenged and extended my thinking, provided me with a range of strategies to overcome challenges and barriers and enhanced my strengths by learning to consciously apply them at different times. Most importantly Caroline helped me identify my 'blind spots' and better understand my impact on others. As a result of the coaching I now have more job satisfaction, increased self-confidence and improved relationships with my staff. This has all led to increased performance and results by individuals and teams.

Rick Nugent , Deputy Commissioner | Victoria Police

A new confidence, new views and tools and clarity of purpose

Our coaching has given me a new confidence, new views and tools on how to do things as well as clarity of purpose relating to those many rocks (priorities) on my desk. What I’ve learnt I will use in my next role, as well as being able to help others to use. Energized, whilst my end goal is still in the distance, I know I will get there…motivation is a hard thing to break if you firmly believe in it…..thanks Caroline. Thank you for your views and observations and ability to provide relevant and very insightful information…….it has made such a difference, for today and moving forward.

Manfred Barone , Director | Premium Retail Solutions

Extremely impressive ability to relate to staff, level of energy to keep them motivated and focused under stress

I have been very impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism exhibited by Caroline. Her ability to relate to staff, level of energy to keep them motivated and focused was extremely impressive especially under such stressful situations. This combined with a deep level of understanding of the organisation, the people and theory of change lead to a number of successful assignments.

Cameron Dorse , Chief Digital Officer | Jemena


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